Christmas Party Season Wishlist

Sequins... glitter... metallics... lace, what more could a girl ask for at Christmas?! 

I am in love with all of these pieces featured in the image with many more that could be added to the list, just look how pretty and girly they are... I want a wardrobe filled with dresses, skirts, tops, heels and bags in all these fabrics, but a wishlist for Christmas will have to do. The beauty is that there are so many different styles that there is something out there for everyone so no one is missing out. Perfect!

I'd love to hear what you think of these party pieces.

An Unusual Mascara Combination

I faced that awful situation where half way through my make up routine I had discovered that my mascara had run out if your like me this is literally the end of the world, without mascara my face full of make up just doesn't look right. It also meant that I had to reach out to the two mascaras that I have not really been loving and was quite reluctant to even use.

Here is a lesson to be learned... never give up on something so easily it will fight to win your love back and this is what the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara has done. The brush is small, light and when removing it from the bottle there is no product clogged up on the spooly which is great and something you do not see in many mascaras, it also means that it seperates the lashes rather than creating that spidery look. 

I am a huge fan of super thick lashes, I apply my mascara far too many times each day, this was where I fell out of love with this product immediately as you cannot create thickness. Little did I know that this would be a fantastic combination with the Revolution Amazing Volume Mascara, once again I am not a lover of this mascara on its own as it didn't add a curl or length to my lashes. But the two together just works, the Maybelline adds the length and curl, almost giving a slight false lash look and the Revolution adds the thickness. 

So I guess the moral to my blog post today is don't give up on a product so easily, I have certainly learned my lesson.

Products that have Disappointed

One thing that all blogs do is rave about products that they are loving, as blogs are the perfect places to read genuine and honest reviews on beauty, skincare and even items of clothing instead of maybe glossy magazines who could get paid to feature them on their pages. I have found so many products through reading blog posts that I would never have thought to try out before or a brand I have never heard of. 

Recently I have discovered that there are not so many blog posts discussing why products have disappointed, obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion and what one person likes and another might not. There are a few products that I have not become best friends with for various reasons that I thought I would share with you.

Collection Concealer 
I am probably one of the only ones who is not raving about this product, for me the hype was so big I had to try it out and I can see why everyone has been loving this concealer as it is a fairly thick consistency so if your suffering with bad breakouts then it is perfect to conceal them. However, as my skin tone is extremely fair I find that the undertones of this concealer is too orange no matter how light of a shade I pick. I'm not ruling out using this product altogether I will still continue to try out the lightest shade but for me I think it will be a love hate relationship.
Hair Mask
So... I have raved about this hair mask in a previous post which may seem a little contradictory but I do love the product itself, it softened my damaged hair a tremendous amount and I will go out and buy this again. The issue I have and you may think I'm being ridiculous is the packaging, on appearance the tub seemed fairly large which was great, my hair is mid length and I need to use a decent amount of product each use (not going crazy I must add), but after the third time I had reached the bottom of the tub. For the price I paid I felt like it was a bit of a rip off, it was only £7 which doesn't break the bank but for the time it lasted me it is expensive. 

Botanics Face Cream 
For a while I had been on the hunt for a day cream which was a fairly light consistency that would be perfect to wear under my make up. In terms of the quality of this product I feel that it works 80% it is quite moisturising and does last all day. The brightening hibiscus ingredient has added a more healthier and brighter complexion to my skin but I do feel there is a little more that it could give. The major issue I have is that it leaves my face feeling and looking very oily, greasy and shiny and my make up applies quite patchy and slips off after half an hour which is the opposite to what I was looking for in a cream. On the days I'm going make up free I would use this cream without hesitation as it is very hydrating but on the days I want to wear products I feel that a more mattifying cream would be better.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this post, whether you would like me to do more of these in the future.

What's On My Face

I have not done a 'What's on my Face' blog post before, not sure why really as I absolutely love reading these myself, I love seeing different day to day beauty looks people wear and take inspiration from them.Today I have gone for quite a lot of products, I usually do this after day I have gone without make up, for some reason I feel that it has been a week without the stuff rather than just a day.

 I mixed the NARS Illuminator in with my foundation to give my face a slightly brighter look with the Wake Me Up Concealer on my problem areas and the Illuminating Concealer under my eyes. From the Revolution palette I took the beige, mid brown and the warm reddish brown on the crease of my eyes and then washed a bit of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer across the lids of my eyes. On my cheeks I contoured with the Hoola and then swept a little of the Coralista (sorry for how scruffy the packaging is, it just shows how much of a loved product it is) onto the apples of my cheeks for a flushed look. Finally, I finished the look off with my Benefit Browzing on my eye brows to give a more sculptured appearance and then the all new Colordrama Lip Pencil from Maybelline in  the shade 'Keep it Classy'.

Christmas Markets

It was my first trip of many the to German Christmas markets, expect to see a lot of posts featuring many food stalls, random decorations and many baileys and hot chocolates. If this is not the way to get yourselves into the Christmas spirit then I don't know what is. 

I have been waiting so long to finally find myself walking through the cute little huts filled with christmas goodness, the only thing I don't enjoy is fighting through the mass crowds which results with quite a moody Alice on occasions. I am so excited to head out to more over the next few weeks.