Tanya Burr False Eyelashes Range

 When Tanya Burr announced that she would be releasing a set of False Eyelashes I was intrigued, there are five different sets; Date Night, Everyday Flutter, Girls Night Out and the two that I bought were Bambi Eyes and Individual Lashes. I have to say these are extremely well made. It took about six different Superdrug stores before I could find them as they were sold out everywhere which is great news. 

I picked up Bambi Eyes and the Individual Lashes, something that I have never tried before. I have to say these lashes are extremely well made as they look very delicate and natural but are quite sturdy, usually I find that false eyelashes are quite cheap and flimsy so never last very long.

The ones that I am wanting to try out next is the Everyday Flutter lashes, they are half lashes which goes on the outer corner of the eyes.

Berry Lips

I'm such a huge fan of this berry lip colour even if it is very daring for me, you're lucky if I even wear something so bright or dark on a night out. The richness and warmth of the lipstick with purple undertones is perfect for winter which is what drew me towards wanting to buy one. 

I kept the rest of my make up quite simple as I wanted the lips to be bold and the statement of this look, on my eyes I used a couple of warm brow matte shades on the lids of my eye and a brown shimmer on the crease of my eye from the Revolution Redemption Palette 1. Then I just swept a little bit of bronzer and blusher on my cheeks.

I Heart Fall (Autumn) Tag

I have seen this tag floating around the bloggersphere for a week or so now and thought it would be quite fun to do, this is not something that I would normally do and would probably prefer to do this for YouTube, but hey lets give this a go.

1. Favourite Lip Product 
I would have to say that it would be my Nars Dragon Girl Matte Velvet Lip Pencil, I bought this back in April and is my first "out there" lip product I have ever owned. It is such a beautiful bright red shade and great for perking up those dreary days. 

2. Favourite Fall Nail Polish
I'm not sure if I can put this down to one particular shade, but if you will have read my previous post on my newest nail polishes, then it probably will answer this question. The darker shades are the ones for me. 

3. Favourite Starbucks Drink 
Without a shadow of a doubt it would be the Toffee Nut Latte, it comes out every Christmas and is amazing!!! You have to get it with whipped cream on top and then there are little sprinkles of nuts/toffee on top, its incredible. Although I have discovered you can get this whenever in Costa which slightly ruins this. 

4. Favourite Fall Candle
I am such a lover of candles, but unfortunately I cannot afford to buy loads of Yankee Candles, so it would be quite hard to answer this question as they are probably the best ones out there for me. The one we do have in the house is the Christmas Time one still left over from last year, it is a very pretty, delicate smell. 

5. Favourite Fall Scarf/Accessory 
Ok, so I think you can see what I am going to say and yes you will be correct. My favourite scarf is the checked oversized one from Primark, I love it and was only £5 too. I seem to be rocking this pretty much most days. 

6. Haunted House, Haunted Hayride or Haunted Corn Maze
Halloween is not as big over here in England as it is in America so there are not many events like this, however it is becoming more popular and more attractions are starting to open. Last week I went to something called Farmageddon, it was the worst experience of my life, I have never been so scared before I was literally in tears before going inside. I will never do anything like this again , I couldn't even give myself a pat on my back for trying. 

7. Favourite Halloween Movie
I'm afraid to say that I cannot really answer this question, I'm not a fan or horror/scary movies for many reasons the only ones I have watched and probably could watch again are the Paranormal Activity ones. 

8. Favourite Halloween Candy 
Errrrrm..... can I just say chocolate? 

9. What is your favourite thing about fall?    
I would say the crisp orange/red leaves on the ground, the days where it is a bright blue sky with a bright sun but chilly in the air. I just love everything about it and the fact that it is the start to the build up to Christmas which is exciting.

I have missed one question out which was something that was related to a couple of weeks ago, so apologies for this. I'd love to see what you would answer for these tag questions.

Warm Winter Shades

For me dark nail polishes are not something I tend to wear which is quite strange because these were the only shades I would pick when I was younger, I could never wear light shades. But now I seem to have switched this around and much prefer the more pastel and coral nail polishes, they seem to brighten my look up. 

After reading lots of blogs and now being in Autumn I seem to be a bit of a fan for the darker shades, even though the berry shades sprung to mind I wanted to be more daring by picking other colours such as a gun metal blue and a dark forest green. They are such beautiful shades and are fairly neutral to go with any outfit. 

I'd love to hear what you think of these shades, and also which ones you would recommend.

Crisp Leaves

At the moment I am playing around with my outfit photos so please beat with me but also let me know if you quite like what I have done so I can continue on the same path. I want to make my images whether it is outfit photos or beauty products more visually interesting, this including the location, it needs to have a sort of wow factor.

The difficulty is that I don't have a photographer around me to take the outfit photos so have to rely on my boyfriend and my mum, and they have seen many tantrums as images are not how I visualised this. I am quite a perfectionist and for me I feel like there is a certain standard of how images look on blogs, as they always seem exactly the same and I am a little afraid to step out of the ordinary and do my own style. 

It would be lovely to hear your thoughts, what you would like to see, whether it be Portrait, Landscape or a mix of both.