Channelling my Personality

I am trying to channel my personality through Adventures of Wonderland, for me each blogger has their specific posts that you remember them by and it always gets me looking forward to going back to their blog to see what the next one is.

For me this is still something I am discovering and working out. As I am a lot happier with my images I feel like I should step up my posts, specifically the outfit posts.

Winter Hair Makeover

You may have noticed if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram that I have changed my hair colour again. I've finally plucked up the courage to wave goodbye to my ombré and welcomed back the brunette.

It is nice to be able to freshen your look and the easiest way to do this is by dying your hair, especially when you change through Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter. If you have had or got ombré and are wanting to go back to your natural shade then go for it, it is super easy and very affordable too. I would advise for you to go for a rich chocolate brown which has red undertones rather than an ashy brown which will have green undertones. 

I just did mine from shop bought dye, firstly with a semi-permanent dye from the L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Chocolate Truffle, I was a little worried how it would turn out which is why I didn't choose permanent dye. I didn't do anything special in particular I just followed the instructions on the packaging, but instead of starting at the roots I placed the dye onto the ombré part at first then upwards into the rest of my hair.

It has been about three weeks and my hair has started to fade to a more lighter brown/purple shade but this is always going to happen. So I have been out and picked up a permanent dye, so fingers crossed it will not fade. Plus I am actually amazed at how quick it has become silky and smooth again.

Top 3 Make Up Products

I have picked out three make up products I find are key essentials in my daily make up  regime and literally could not live without. Lets just say this was not an easy task I gave myself. 

First up I would choose foundation, I have not picked any particular brand but I would go for a more lighter shade from my collection. As I struggle with break outs pretty much every single day I do sometimes feel uncomfortable to leave the house without wearing a layer, whether it is just a small base or rocking a much heavier look. I always feel that the rest of my products apply much easier and last a lot longer throughout the day as they can stick to the foundation. 

Secondly, without even a glimpse of hesitation I would pick out mascara, an instant pick me up product. Straight from the lightest application it seems to brighten the eyes and give a structure to your face, it really does make your eyes look much wider. I love it and if I am not wanting to really wear any make up then I just put a bit of foundation on to make myself feel more awake.

The last product was very difficult to decide and took me forever, I kept picking up different products and putting them back down again. In the end I chose bronzer, the reason for this is that it is a fantastic all round, multipurpose product, you could either go for a strong contour look, or just gently sweep it across your cheeks instead of blusher, but also it can be used on the eye lids in favour of an eye shadow. I love a bronzer to add some warmth and colour to my face being fairly pale, especially now we are heading into the winter months. 

I would love to hear if any of these products would make your final three, or which products you would choose instead of these. 

Halloween Cupcakes

Why is it that when you want to bake there are no ingredients in the cupboard?! That is always the case for me so I never get round to baking some sweet goodies, but this time I decided to stop being lazy and got my bottom off the settee and do something fun. And what is not better than mixing baking and Halloween together, these buns are the perfect and cute little treats for anyone who is holding a Halloween party, they are fairly cheap to make. 
(Please ignore the cocoa it somehow sneaked into my pictures)

So the ingredients you need are:

175g butter
165g caster sugar 
3 eggs
145g self raising flower

100g butter
200g icing sugar

Large mixing bowl
Wooden spoon
Cupcake cases (Halloween style)
Weighing Scales 

How to Make: 
1. Pre heat your oven at 180 degrees. If you are young get an adult to help you with this.

2. Once you have weighed out your ingredients mix the butter and caster sugar into the bowl until soft and fluffy. 

3. Then whisk your eggs together and add it bit by bit alongside the self raising flour into the bowl. Whisk either with a spoon, whisk or electric whisk until the mixture looks like it does in the image. 

4. Place your fun Halloween bun cases into the bun tin and then spoon an even amount of mixture into the cases and then put them into the pre heated oven. (Once again if needed get an adult to help) 

5. Once they are in the oven leave for around 15-20 minutes before taking them out to check. In the meantime it is time to create the frosting. 

6. You can go out and buy some brightly coloured frosting from supermarkets, or you can make your own and add food colouring. I myself just made the plain frosting for my buns as I wanted to decorate them afterwards. 

7. Wash your mixing bowl out and then add the 100g butter and 200g icing sugar and whisk them together until it is fluffy.

8. After 15 minutes take your cupcakes out of the over and place a skewer on knife into the centre of them to check if they are cooked or not. If they are then the skewer will come out clean, if it has mixture on then place them back in for another five minutes. 

9. Leave your cupcakes to cool down before taking them out of the tins and adding your frosting on the top. 

10. You can either pipe the frosting or just place it ontop of the buns using a knife, I made mine quite messy and then sprinkled on top the decorations. 

I hope that you enjoy creating these buns :) 

Collection Illuminating Brightening Concealer

Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer (yes it is a mouthful) does two jobs in one use; covers the dark circles and blemishes but it also brightens up your face in the areas you apply it to. It is a fantastic concept at a cheap price of £3.99 and the best thing is you can pick it up from any drugstore. 

I would say that it is more aimed at the under eye area as this is the main place that you would want to brighten and illuminate, I feel that if you applied it to any problem areas it could make it stand out rather than hiding them. The light diffusing particles naturally illuminate the eyes. 

If you are a fan of the Kim Kardashian contour then this product is a must to recreate this look, as it illuminates it create a much brighter and lighter shade on your face, the three areas you apply this product is from the corner of your under eye right across and up over your cheekbones, in the centre of your forehead and down the ridge of your nose. It is a very thick consistency so you really do have to blend well and work it into the skin. 

You twist the bottom of the packaging to release the product which goes through into the middle of the long fine bristles, sometimes it is not clear that any of the product has been released so you could end up with too much at once. the bristles make the product sweep onto the face so much easier and it is less harsh to the skin. 

I bought this concealer in shade 2 Natural, I absolutely love this concealer and wish that I had picked it up much earlier as I struggle so much with darkness under the eyes. I would love to hear your thoughts on this product.