University Tips & Tricks #4

Moving out to Uni is the perfect chance to go through your clothes, there is nothing worse than emptying all your drawers into a suitcase then getting to uni and realising you don't like half the stuff you own. Having a massive clear out is the best thing to do.

If your a shopaholic like me and you own an awful lot of clothes, then moving out is going to be extremely tricky. I have a few pieces of advice if you do not have a lot of room to pack things you have to be ruthless, if things are fairly oldish and you haven't worn them in ages then leave them at home as you probably wouldn't wear it at uni. 

As most of you will be moving during September unfortunately the warmer weather is behind us and we are heading into Autumn/Winter season which makes it so much easier with what to pack. Think about those warmer clothes like knits, coats and trousers rather than thin cotton dresses and skirts. 

Make yourself a list of everything that you need to pack and cross it off as you go along from your clothes to folders to pots and pans. When packing up your clothes roll the smaller items as they take up less room and you can fit more items in a suitcase. The rest of your items will fit into boxes better as they are much deeper than a suitcase, these can be picked up from most supermarkets and shops, just ask someone where they can be found. 

I hope that this helps you a little bit when it comes to the boring stages of organising and packing. 

Holding onto Summer

I am actually quite sad that summer is almost over, for once I have enjoyed the hot weather and really don't want it to go for another year. Although the thought of cosy nights in snuggling up in a blanket with candles lit, watching TV and events such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and then Christmas. This outfit is quite a transitional piece, this certainly can be worn in the winter months with a big wooly coat, tights and ankle boots. 

The Beehive

My fringe has been uncontrollable for the past few months, for some reason it just does not do what I want it to do and it is so annoying resulting in figuring out hairstyles which involves pinning it back.

I am not a huge fan of scraping all my hair back off of my face, I feel that my face is far too round and chubby to pull it off so a bit of lift and volume has to be included. My favourite look has to be the Beehive! I absolutely love it, its very smart, sophisticated and suitable for interviews, nights out and just every day. It is extremely easy to create too and can be done on freshly washed hair or two day old hair. 

Firstly backcomb the roots of your hair focusing mainly on the top half section, then I take the top section and brush it back and push upwards to give a little bouffant. Take a couple of grips and pin it in place, if your fringe is not clipping back give it a little more backcombing and take a couple more grips and pin them back. 

Once you are happy with the look spritz a little bit of hairspray and you are good to go. 

University - My Experience

As I have been doing a series of posts to help you gear up for your start at University, I recently watched Lily Melrose do a video on her experience at University which inspired me to write this blog post. I thought that she was extremely brave opening it up and being completely honest, it is far too easy to say it was the best thing that has ever happened and University is the important step to take.

I had no doubts that I wasn't going to University, for me it was something that I had been extremely looking forward to and would be the biggest step to get me into a career I have longed for, for many years. I've been lucky that I knew that I wanted to be a Sports Journalist since I was in either year 8 or 9 at high school and did everything in my power to get my place onto University whether it was by doing placements to prove I was good enough being a female going into a mans world. 

However my journey through the three years were not the easiest, there were many ups and downs and feelings of if I was doing the correct thing. I remember one evening when I was sat in my room wondering if being at Uni was the best thing for myself or if I should drop out and work my way up from the bottom. Looking back I am extremely glad that I stuck at it for many reasons, firstly I have a degree behind my name to hopefully start my dream career, but the main thing is that I grew as a person. 

Ever since I was younger I have always been very shy, I would be too afraid to talk to new people as I would worry what they would think of me as an individual. Meeting my boyfriend in my second year and working at the SU Bar in the third year has given me the confidence to not worry about what people think about me and be brave and go out in what I want to wear etc. I had no choice but to talk to people I wouldn't think would get on with me when working, plus they were drunk so the conversation was questionable on occasions but funny too. I am much more outgoing which is essential for the job that I want to go into but also sets me up for the future too. 

However staying at University might not be the correct thing for everyone, seriously sit down and talk to someone, your lecturers, family and any adviser to see if things can be changed slightly or your course is not right. 

University is how you make of it as an individual, the choices you make and the friendships you choose to have. If its not for you then thats perfectly fine, if it is and you have a little struggle please stick at it. Most of my journey was extremely enjoyable I had a lot of good times and if I had the opportunity to do it again then I would. 

Rimmel Brow This Way

Brow This Way is a newbie to the drugstore shelves, Rimmel has created a perfect brow product for them lazy days.

It comes in three shades; blonde, mid brown, dark brown and a clear gel too. All you need is one sweep across your brows and voila your done, if you want a more defined look to your brows then go in with a pencil afterwards.

The only issue I have with this brow gel is that far too much product comes out on the spooly, so you have to go in after wards with a cotton bud to wipe away any smudges. I usually end up making sure most of it is wiped off before applying it.

I got the shade dark brown which was a bit of a mistake, they are very dark shades so I reckon the mid  brown or even the blonde would work for me, I do like this product a lot as it is super easy to use and takes all of two seconds.