September Wishlist

I cannot believe how fast August has gone, time to wave goodbye to the sunshine and hello to rain, wind, orange leave and possibly snow? If I am being honest I am looking forward to autumn and winter, for me its a time where you can get cosy in knits, oversized coats and scarfs, plus no need to worry about fake tanning. 

But this year it will be the first ever time that I wont be returning to education as I am completely finished, it is quite a scary thought but I guess we have to grow up some day. Most of my wishlist is filled with things that I want to add to my room, as I'm planning on redecorating woohooo!!! 

The main item on this wishlist that is a must is a new digital camera, mine broke on me the other weekend and have been lost without it, as a blogger it is a catastrophe. I am planning on paying that little bit more for a better quality one, so if you have any in mind please put them in the comments below. 

Outlet Beauty Haul

A new beauty store has just opened up at my local outlet village called 7beautyoutlet and it is incredible. I loved how they sold brands such as Rimmel, Maybelline, Calvin Klein, Cîaté etc. that is much appealing and affordable to a wider audience rather than big named brands, don't get me wrong I love them too. Plus I could not believe how cheap everything was.

They literally had one length of the shop dedicated to shelves of nail polishes and then rows and rows of lip products, the back of my hand was a patchwork of colours from swatching so many products. I only ended up buying a few in the end, not sure what it was the managed to restrain me from buy every single thing. 


I adore the packaging of these Cîaté paint pots with the cute little bow on the front, I picked up just two polishes in the colours Pinkalilly 111 and Skinny Dip which are both glittery numbers. The burnt orange is my favourite a perfect autumnal shade. They were £2.99 each instead of £9, something that I only discovered when almost home, I wish I got more than two now. 


Maybelline Colorsensational Popstick in C40 Crystal Pink is the strangest product I own, it looks like a jelly sweet, tastes and smells like one too but in fact it is a mix between a balm and lip gloss. I prefer to wear it on a day to day basis as a balm because it's super soft and nourishing for the lips. 

The second lip product I bought was the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in the shade So I Stellar (I believe). I have seen so many bloggers use this in numerous make up tutorials and just wanted to get my hands on one and finally I do. It comes in the form of a gloss and feels like it too however it goes on more like a lipstck and has a matte effect which you all know I love. Both of these products were £1.99. 


For a while I have been using the very dregs of my liquid liners and have been far too lazy to pick up another one. I'm a huge fan of using cheapish liners for my everyday use and I found the w7 Aye Aye Captain liquid eyeliner, this was the only one there with a thin nib which makes it so much easier for me to try and create a flick and if it doesn't work it only cost £1.99.

I also bought another Maybelline product in the form of The Rocket Volum' Express mascara at £5.99, I was originally going for one of the colossal ones but they only sold it in the shades blue and green. But the rocket volum' was one that I haven't used before so I was interested in if it can top my all time favourite mascara, so far so good. 

The only time I find Calvin Klein beauty is at outlet stores for some reason, whether it's not a brand that sticks in my head to look out for. The only product of theirs which really interested me was a sheer crème eye shadow in shade Retro Bronze, I've never owned a creme shadow before so was really intrigued at how it would look. It is extremely compact and applies much better with a finger than a brush, unfortunately it creased so much throughout the day which was disappointing, at £1.99 you cannot really complain too much.

Last but no means least I have the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer back in my life, I have missed it far too much and will never let it go again even at £2.99 instead of around a fiver. A lot of concealers are too orange for me and create dark patches under my foundation, this particular gem has a very light consistency so blends extremely well, plus it brightens up the dark circles under my eyes too.

By going to the outlet I cut my cost in half, after doing a few calculations what would have cost me £43.98 actually cost £21.92. Another trip is on the cards!!