Rimmel Foundation with added Serum

In bodycare at the moment they are selling a few Rimmel products; 'Lasting Finish Foundation', 'Match Perfection Foundation', 'Stay Matte Powder' and a range of nail polishes, which are all quite a bit cheaper than normal. 

I'm not a fan of the Lasting Finish Foundation, it seemed to make my face look quite shiny and the rest of my products were sliding off, I ended up just throwing it away after a few uses, there was no way I would be trying it out again. However a few of these bottles had a slight different design on the label which definitely interested me, there is a comfort serum added to the formula and it suggests that it should last 25 hours.

The consistency is much thicker than the original which I put down to the serum, this makes it much longer to thoroughly blend into the skin and to find the perfect brush to use, for me its a stippling brush. The end result is more matte compared to the shiny, dewy look the other created but I really like this as it is more suited to my skin type.

Top tip if going to try it out, do a tester as I found the shade I would normally pick was a tad too dark for me and I had to buy a shade lighter. Since picking it up it is all I have been wearing, I really like it and it will be a re purchase when it runs out. 

Vo5 Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion

When it comes to hair products with anything remotely advertising big hair I am immediately drawn in and have to try them out, it also helps when there is an offer on too. 

I already have a few Vo5 products from the 'plump it up' range and I quite like them they seem to do the trick as my hair is not as flat as normal and they are very reasonably priced. This Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion must be new as I have not seen it on the shelves before and thought I would put it to the test. It is meant to add volume and thickness, calms the frizz and them few static strands and I have to say that it does actually work, although I feel it works much better when you take time to blow dry your hair for a better result, it still has an affect if your dry your hair upside down too. I also noticed that my hair felt much thicker on day 2 when I normally find it being a bit lacklustre.

The bonus is it also acts as a heat defence spray too, this makes me so much happier as I don't have to go out and buy two separate products, I might as well get one which does two jobs and save money. 

Have you used anything from the 'plump it up' range at Vo5? 

Living on the Edge

Shirt: h&m, Dress: Primark, Jacket: Miss Selfridge, Boots: New Look

This past couple of weeks since the weather has got that bit cooler I have been loving wearing my plaid shirts, they are just so cosy and comfortable. I might have to stock up on a few more in numerous colours as I feel like I will be living in them come autumn/winter.