Top 3 Holiday Accessories

I'm the type of girl that has to carry everything but the kitchen sink no matter where I go, if its shopping, a day out or even to the gym I cannot be dealing with carrying around a small bag. When I went away camping it was key that only a few items could follow me all the way to Newquay and it was the hardest thing ever, especially swapping and leaving items from my mahoosive handbag to the tiniest little satchel you could possibly think of.
I have to say it was the best thing, all I needed was my phone which was pretty much turned off, my small camera and purse, plus I was spending most of the time swimming around in the sea and walking up massive hills so I did not need anything dragging me down.

In terms of footwear I pretty much stuck to sandals the whole trip, it was either my sliders from Aldi or my cheap flip flops I picked up when away. Both these pairs of shoes went with all of my outfits and super comfy when walking miles and miles every day plus I needed easy bare foot access for the beach.

The final key accessory to my week away was my sunglasses!! You know me, I cannot leave the house without a pair on me or in my bag even if it is raining. The ones I chose to take were my big round brown ones from Primark, once again they matched every outfit and well they are just my favourites at the moment. However you must remember to take them off when sunbathing or you will get tan lines where they were and you may look a little silly... errrhemmm: me!!

I hope that this gave you a little help or idea if your heading away this month and don't know what to use or pack. The less the better as you are there for the sun, sea or pool.

Holiday Lookbook

For the first time in a long time I actually packed decent clothes which were appropriate to the weather on my jollies especially camping in the UK. I always find that either a. I've not packed enough, b. I've packed way too much I never know what to wear or c. whatever I have packed I have got a tad bored of and always want something different.
Outfit One 

I love how my palm print skort matches extremely well with with the palm tree in the background of the picture, this was not planned I promise. It was ridiculously hot so the little to be worn was the better. I'm not really one for baring a lot of my skin at once but I braved wearing this crop top with the skort, and I actually really liked the way it looked and plus it kept me a lot cooler than wearing a normal top. These blue and white flip flops I picked up from one of the quirky surfer shops in Newquay as I wanted something on my feet when I went in the sea.

Outfit Two

This denim dress might be a little familiar to you if you checked out my fashion haul video on my YouTube channel, I picked it up a few weeks ago from a charity shop, at first I wasn't too sure about it but for £3 you cannot just put it back on the shelf if you worry the neckline is far too low. So I manned up and decided to wear it on one of the days we headed to the beach, its quite thin material for denim so was perfect for the heat. I teamed it with my fluorescent pink beach cover up from last year, it brightened up the outfit well and kept the sun off my shoulders too.

Outfit Three 

 So after pretty much wanting a midi skirt for mot of this year, I finally went out and bought myself one, better late than never. It's such a vibrant colour which is what drew me straight to it, I found a few other colours and some with patterns but when I tried them on it made me feel a little frumpy. It was from Primark and only £5 in the sale which is a complete bargain, if the navy goes into the sale too I'll probably find myself with another midi to add to my ever growing wardrobe.

It was quite a windy day and a little chilly so this skirt was perfect, it blew around with the wind but the fabric is too long and heavy to blow completely up and flash yourself which is a huge relief.

Outfit Four 

Ok, so I know what you are all thinking, why post an outfit photo without having a full image of what the outfit actually looks like, well it's me, I'm different and thought it would be nice to show a sneak peak of another outfit I rocked on my holidays but got too carried away swimming in the sea I didn't have time to take decent photos. I love this dress, its so pretty and delicate with the large daisy/poppy print and smock style (I guess that's what you call it) and it was from Primark too.

One of the stalls from Boardmasters sold loads of bracelets, flower headbands and quirky little gifts, I found this daisy and beaded bracelet and thought it was very different and very festival and surfing esk. Plus it matched the dress perfectly.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed creating it for you, it isn't all the outfits I wore when I was on holiday but I thought it would be lovely to give you a glimpse into what I put together.

"Glamping" it up in Newquay

Last week I found myself "glamping" it up in a tent in the middle of a campsite in Newquay, well I wish it was,  it cannot really be classed as glamorous it was basically just camping, spending the mornings and evenings in a six birth tent and then sleeping in a very small two man text next to an extremely noisy family. Except for the couple of nights where the heavens opened, Hurricane Bertha made an appearance it was actually quite fun and got right into it.

Newquay is such an incredible place, you really do feel like you are abroad when driving around the tiny country roads and walking along the beach front, its like Australia but in the UK - madness! We booked the holiday around Boardmasters which is the biggest surfing comp in Great Britain (I 99.9% believe) pretty much most of the contenders, stall holders, commentators were from Australia, which is crazy, flying everything across the world just for a few days to compete in front of the British, but I certainly wasn't complaining.

I have to apologise at the lack of photos from my holidays, most of them I want to keep as personal but being a bad blogger I was too busy sunning myself rather than taking pics of the surfers and pretty seaside resorts around Newquay. I'm finally back on track with the blogging, so Adventures of Wonderland will be in full swing as of today! HURRAY!!!