Instagram Update #3

July has been quite fun for me for once, normally when I break up for the Summer for Uni I find myself moping around being extremely bored wishing that I was back on campus but not this year. My blog has taken a huge leap forward, from a very young age I have had a passion for photography and growing up in the countryside has got my creative side going crazy, unfortunately for the past couple of years I feel that my photographs have been lacking quality and excitement, but in July this has got back on track and I could not be more happier.

Also there has been a lot of major events to celebrate from 30th Birthdays, weddings and catching up with friends who I have not seen in months which has been lovely.

This week Adventures of Wonderland is having a little shake up, I have braved the territory of going camping for a week in England which is quite a risk to take and being beauty and hair obsessed, going Au-natural is scary!! This means that my blog posts are only going to be every other day and fairly simple.