August Wishlist

It is time for another monthly favourites, where has July gone? Does this mean Summer is coming to an end, please extend until end of September/October. Once again I struggled with trying to create this post, there isn't really many specific products which I am wanting to get which is quite unusual for me. It is fairly beauty heavy as I was thinking of products which are running low in my make up collection and a couple which would be quite nice to try out like the gel eye liner. This product I've umm'd and aahhh'd about for a while but have always stuck to felt tip style liners, but now I'm coming to the conclusion that it's about time I tried something new and different.

The only products which I am so eager in trying to buy is a fedora hat, I'm not normally a hat person unless it is a woolly one in winter. But after a lot of blog reading I have come to love, just so elegant, quirky and pretty, look at Charlotte Martin on instagram, she has such an incredible style and always tops it off with a fedora.

I could blab on quite a while here, but I shall try and keep this post short and sweet, I'd love to hear if you have tried or own any of these products and let me know what you think about them in the comments below. I'm a sucker for seeing a positive review and I immediately have to buy it.

Liverpool Trip

My boyfriends sister graduated on Thursday and her University put on an Afternoon Tea for family and friends who could not get a ticket . We were also able to watch the ceremony live on a big screen which is more of a bonus.

Here is the outfit that I chose to wear, we are currently having quite a heatwave in England which is lovely but I just I had a swimming pool in the garden to chill by. Anyways I wanted something very summery, lightweight to wear but it also to be smart as it is a graduation after all.

TLC for Ombré Hair

My hair has gone through a massive change this month after deciding to have Ombré on my hair, though I'm not exactly complaining as it is totally worth it, right?!

Dying your hair any colour damages it slightly as hair is extremely delicate and you are using quite strong chemicals. Bleach is the worst one to use and the most popular as well to create a lot of looks, it is extremely strong and very potent, if you use it in the smallest amount then it isn't too bad but if it is frequently or you have naturally dark hair and need to apply it a few times in a small amount of time then this is where it creates a bit of damage.

In the past I have dyed my hair a darker brown probably around once a year and this was done myself from a bottle from the supermarket, so my hair was in an alright condition to use bleach. It was left on my hair for around 45 minutes and then washed out using warm water, shampoo and conditioner, the only other product used was a heat defence spray. Where the bleach had been on my hair it felt quite dry and some parts a little straw like, so I came to the conclusion that my hair needed a lot more tlc more often.

I only use conditioner every other wash, I know slap my hands, but for me it adds to the flatness of my natural hair. Now I change my hair I have started to use conditioner every single time I wash my hair, at the moment this is not quite enough so I have reached out for my VO5 give me moisture treatment mask it is far richer than my normal conditioner, so it replaces all the nutrients into the hair. After a few weeks and I am more happier with the health of my hair I will cut down the amount of times I will use the mask as over conditioning can be bad for you too.

The other big problem now is that my hair is extremely knotted when wet, it always was in the past but now its got ridiculous. I've not got my hands on a tangle teezer yet so I am currently testing out my wide toothed comb as it eases the knots out better than a brush with loads of little bristles (not sure how it works but for some reason it does).

These extra steps in my hair care routine is nothing major so I am fairly happy at adding them in, plus it keeps my hair nice and healthy which is the importance here. I'd love to know if you have ombré and have noticed the same problems I have too, or if you have just bleached your hair.