The Outfit Post : Brightening up a Dreary Day

I went on a lovely afternoon walk with my friend which was lovely, we hadn't seen each other since Christmas so the catch up was long overdue. There are some fields with a couple of lakes across from where I live so it was so peaceful and calming plus the scenery was perfect for some outfit photos.

When I woke up it was quite warm so I started off the day wearing one of my playsuits but the weather changed drastically so I quickly changed to my leggings and black blazer. I loved this outfit, it is very casual with my stripey t-shirt but yet the patterned leggings and black blazer made it a little smarter.

The Outift Post : Floral Playsuit

I'm loving my new locations for my outfit photos, I hope that your liking them too as that is the most important thing. I am also debating on whether to keep them landscape or do more portrait photos to get a more closer look of the items I'm actually wearing, so please let me know which you would prefer?! I am quite a shy person and always worry what people will think of me when I'm stood there posing all the time for a lot of photos, but now I've decided to stop being so silly and its about making my posts look prettier with a nicer background.

As you are a little bit aware, I feel a lot more comfortable in my own body this summer than what I have for many many years, and that's down to watching what I eat and going to the gym. It makes me really happy that I can go out in pretty summery outfits which is what I have longed for. Last year I bought this playsuit from Republic (which is no longer a store!!) it was in the sale and new it would be perfect for my holiday, a few days after I bought it in a burnt orange colour too. They are so comfortable and cool to wear.

The only issue is when you wash them you need to stretch the fabric out and give it a really good iron as it does shrink a little bit.

 I'd love to hear what you think of this outfit, if you love playsuits or prefer a jumpsuit.

Beauty : St Tropez Bronzing Gel

Before & After
It has taken me a while but I have finally created my second fake tan post, I didn't just want to use any product I wanted to look into which brand people love the most, one I was happy with using and something that was budget friendly. It came to the conclusion that St Tropez was the most popular fake tan brand amongst bloggers, friends and my lovely readers, however, it can be very pricey when you are a student or just living with a budget. 

Little did I know, TK Maxx sell it at literally half the price which is incredible and very purse friendly. Originally I was looking to get a mousse as I love how easy they are to apply to the skin, but the store I visited had minimal stock and the Bronzing Gel was the product which stood out to me. It is quite tricky to apply to the skin, I used a tanning mit but I feel that gloves would be the best option as it might be a little quicker and it won't stick to the skin. The best thing about this product is that you can see immediately where you have applied it, so you know where else needs the tan and if you have missed anywhere (unless your like me and always miss a patch of skin). I'm naturally pale and it was quite dark straight away, however you will see the best results if you apply it on a night and leave it to enhance overnight. 

If your not wanting an intense colour then I would suggest that you have a warm shower not using any products to wash off the first layer of product, but I loved it, I felt and looked like I had had a holiday somewhere in a hot climate. 

On the bottle it says it will last five to seven days, I applied mine the Wednesday Evening and by Monday it had completely come off, so that is around the five day mark. Bare in mind that I had visited the gym twice, had a couple of showers and a long bath so I feel that it lasted very well. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody as I was extremely happy with the outcome, it was waterproof to some degree (if your splashed yourself or was spitting with rain) it didn't blotch it just remained exactly the same. 

Have you used this product or any of St Tropez products before? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. 

The Photo Journal : Trip to Cleethorpes

Yesterday I had a trip to the seaside with my grandad, it was a glorious day with  bright sunshine and non of that cold sea breeze you usually find on the cost making it a little unbearable to walk on the front. When we got there the sea was too far out which was extremely disappointing, however a couple of hours later it was close enough to have a little paddle. Plus, nothing beats a good ole' fish 'n' chips sat on the sea front.

My Weekend Antics (Outfit Post)

This weekend has been filled with a lot of family time which was really lovely and needed after an extremely busy week. On Saturday I met up with my sister in Leeds for a day of shopping and cocktails, something every girl needs to do every once in a while, maybe a little more than that.

We headed to The Alchemist which is an amazing cocktail bar, it is tucked into the corner of Trinity and could be missed, but it has to be visited no matter what time of day it is. I love this decor, it is really quirky with lights dangling down from the ceiling to just above the bar dimly lighting the room, a mahoosive clock as a feature point right in the centre on the wall behind the bar with leather sofas across one side of the room by the floor to ceiling windows. It is such a cosy place, with the theme being based on science, with an erienmeyer flask which holds certain drinks and some cocktails smoking out the top. I had a passion fruit mojiti, something I wouldn't normally pick out as I am not too keen on mint flavoured drinks, it was the sound of a refreshing passion fruit in the hot weather which sold it to me.

The Alice in Wonderland themed ornaments were from a shop called JOY which is new to Leeds I think, I've never ventured inside one of these stores before but it was completely different from what I expected, and it was full of pretty items of clothing and quirky gifts, when I get a house I'm heading straight there to pick up a few decorative bits.

I wore my favourite item of the season as it was to reach 21 degrees which is always fun! (Please can the hot weather stay?!) They are a Hawaiian/palm tree print skort from Topshop, I bought them quite a few months ago and I find them super comfortable and perfect to wear on a night out and during the day (I've done both).

That evening I headed back and had an extremely yummy BBQ with my mum and dad which was perfectly cooked on a little pink bucket my mum picked up this week. Somehow it tasted so much better being cooked from a girly item.

Hope you all had a fun weekend :)

B&M Baragin Finds

Did you know that you could pick up Rimmel polishes in B&M?! No me neither! I'm not quite sure why I actually popped in as I normally only go in if I need something. I happened to walk past the toiletries/beauty/whatever else there was isle and was taken back by the amount of brands they stocked. There were a couple CK Lip products, however I'm not quite sure if they were actual CK products or a copy (which is bad in my eyes). They had the Maybelline Dream Satin Mousse, Revlon PhotoReady Compact and a range of BB creams which I wish I had picked up.

What caught my eye was the range of Rimmel nail polishes, I feel that they will have been the last of previous stock but I'm not complaining when they only cost £1. They ranged from a bright blue, to a purple, khaki green and I picked up the I <3 Lasting Finish in 703 Pear Drop, 60 Seconds in 520 Cupcake Pink and the French Manicure PRO which was slightly more expensive at £1.99 which I really bought for the Base and Top Coat polish.

They are really pretty summer colours, the Pear Drop is a beautiful bright greeny blue and the Cupcake Pink is a very delicate pale pink which is perfect if you are wanting a more natural look.

From now on I am heading into B&M more often as there really is some great bargains to be found.

Have you found anything in there before?