The Outift Post : Delicates

 I'm not sure why but I have gone back into a very lazy blogger, once I miss a day that is it a whole week has gone by without posting a single thing! After finishing uni I go through stages where I am really busy and have no time for anything to sitting around being very bored but have magnificent time management with posting. So I am debating on whether I blog every single day or every other day, I'd love to hear what you think I should do?!

I must say it has been very confusing with the weather this week, I get up in the morning and its grey and around dinner time its bright sunshine and ridiculously hot. For some reason I thought that jeans was a good idea (in this heat?!) but I rolled them up so I showed a little bit of ankle and felt more summery (no idea how or why) and teamed them with my bright orange sandals I got in the sale at River Island last year. Originally I spotted a bright blue pair but for some reason left town without them and instantly regretted it, however, a few days later in a different River Island these lovely orange ones stood out and was calling my name.

This blouse is so pretty, I picked it up ages ago in h&m when I was going through my shirt and blouse stage (pretty much still in it). It was a little bit of a risky purchase with it being so pale for my skin tone, but it was the contrast of the silk fabric at the front with a beautiful flower pattern to the delicate mesh like fabric at the back.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this outfit, what do you think of wearing such light colours with a very pale skin tone?

Cleaning Make Up Brushes

One major part of your make up routine which can easily be forgotten is having clean make up brushes. The amount of bacteria, muck and the remainder of powders and foundations that build up in the bristles is ridiculous, and just think that you will be putting that all on your face every day.

It is important that you put some time aside one part of your day a week to wash your brushes, I have to admit that I do not do it as often as I should and I have begun to notice a huge difference in the way my base applies, it looks quite greasy and doesn't last as long throughout the day as it should.

The whole routine is very easy, all you need is some warm water, gohnson's baby shampoo as it is very delicate and not perfumes so you don't ruin the bristles. First you put some warm water on your hand and then in a circular motion wet the bristles in the palm of your hand, that way it does not get ridiculously wet but enough to clean them. Then take a little blob of the shampoo and I place it onto a sponge, but that is entirely up to you, quite briskly move it in circular motions so that the bristles do not become damaged. Wash out all of your shampoo and if it looks clean to you then place it on a towel and leave to dry. I usually clean mine on a night so they can dry the whole night and then you can reapply your make up the next morning.

Hope this was useful, I'd love to hear if you have any tips or tricks on cleaning your brushes.