nspa Skincare Product Review

A few weeks ago I picked up a couple of products from the nspa range at Asda, they were on offer at two for £8 which was a pretty fine deal as both items are usually around the £7. I chose the nspa range as I have had quite a bit of positive feedback from people who already use the range, not only that but their products are nice and affordable, being a student I was happy.

There were a lot of products to choose from and I spent a long time reading the back of every label to see which I wanted to try out. Eventually I decided to try out the Melting Cleansing Gel and the Hot Cloth Polish, just by reading what they are how amazing and refreshing do they sound?!

On the box it tells you to use them every single day, however I like to live on the wild side and I mix them up into my skincare routine on a night and use them every other day. My skin is one of them things that gets very used to a product very quickly and everything always stops working. How annoying!!

You only need one small amount of the cleansing gel as a little does go a very long way, firstly you apply it on dry skin and rub it in, in circular motions all over the face and down the neck. It is quite a thick gel (obviously) substance which does feel weird at first but it is very soft to the skin, once rubbed it, it feels like there is quite a thick oily layer. However, you then need to get a bit of warm water on your hands and start rubbing the cleansing gel into the skin again, using further circular movements. The products turns into a very thin liquid which is very light, once you feel that you have rubbed it in enough, use warm water to wash it off.

Make sure that your face has been thoroughly dried before using the hot cloth polish, you need two squirts of the cream and then rub it in circular motions again on the face. This is a much more softer product and very creamier than the gel, however, it also feels like it has a bit of an oily base to it. Then, get the little cloth that came in the box and place it in warm water and then begin to remove the cream from your face, after every use run it back under the tap so your sure that your not rubbing the cream back into your face.

There is a remarkable difference in your skin afterwards, even after only using the product once. With wearing make up all day, you can feel a little grubby, oily or dry and your pores become quite clogged up. The gel makes fully removes your make up and revitalises the blood flow, and then the hot cloth polish, buffs up the skin making it look refreshed and bright. These products really do work well together, my face felt so soft afterwards, I loved it.

I would recommend anyone who is on a budget to try out these products, they have such a variety to choose from. What is lovely about it is that on the box they have a number on them so you know which stage to use them and what is used before the other, which would be perfect if your just starting to build up your skincare routine.

Have you tried these products before? I'd love to hear what you think about them.

The Outfit Post : Floral Print

How lovely is it when the sun is out?! Makes me feel really girly and want to wear skirts and dresses. I'm not one for very bright clothes as you might be aware from previous posts, however, for some reason this year I am loving a lot of the prints this season. This skirt is probably my favourite, it was featured in one of Tanya Burr's videos a while back and had to pick it up from River Island straight away. I love that you can pick any colour out of the flowers and match it with a little vest top, yes I know black is boring but it is all I have at the minute. What is nice about the skirt is that the floral print is quite big and spacious which makes it look really delicate and pretty.

My orange sandals work perfectly with the skirt as it is brings out the oranges and corals of the flowers on the skirt. The sandals are a little bit big for me, but I can walk in them fine and they look pretty, any smaller and I think the width of the straps would be too tight and rub on me.

I hope that you like this outfit, would love to hear what you think about it xx

Another Haul!!!

Before I go on please excuse the very pale legs, I'm not blessed with an amazing tan I am a true English Rose! (pffft next joke please.)

All these items were not purchased on the same day, it would have been a pretty good shopping spree if so. The grey shorts I noticed on a mannequin in the h&m window when on a shopping spree with my family and boyfriend in Manchester. They are not normally my style but they looked so comfortable, and I can actually certify that this is 100% correct, I wear them all the time when I lounge around.

These pair of jeans are another item which I wouldn't normally walk into a store and just pick up. I am very fussy when it comes to dressing the bottom half, there are so many beautiful styles out there but yet nothing really that I feel suits my body shape. For me to feel happy in a pair of jeans, they have to be high waisted, and completely skinny down the leg, but in most places to get them to fit my hips they are far too baggy down the leg (major girl problems).

Now to bags *sigh* how gorgeous are these?!?! I think you can actually fall in love with a bag, and I think I have. Firstly, the small satchel which you can see from my outfit post from Tuesday is from Primark and it is so tiny and cute, it was such a bargain at £6 and it also comes in a blue and pink. Then the other bag I have had my eye on for some time but have never seen it in a store for some reason, however, when I went to Leeds at the weekend with my boyfriend it was there all on its own in the middle of a table on display. There were two black marks on it unfortunately so I was lucky enough that River Island gave me some discount (I should put it out there that my boyfriend bought me the bag which was so cute, bless him).

I am now back on a spending ban!! Oops

I'd love to hear what you think of any of these products or if you have any of them :)

The Outfit Post : Geo Print Trouser

With days of nice weather and nobody to take photos, to days stuck inside with miserable weather I finally got some outfit photos taken wooohooo!! On Sunday I went to Leeds with my boyfriend and it was very difficult deciding on what to wear after watching the weather report, it was meant to be warm with showers, hence trousers and ballet pumps. However, the day turned out to be glorious with no sight of rain anywhere. Then I persuaded him to take a few photos in the last bit of sun when we got back.

I do love these trousers, they are from Dorothy Perkins and are called a formal style jogger which has a tie at the top and a bit of a folded cuff at the bottom. The geo print is quite out there for me but being black and white tones it down a little bit and makes them really easy to wear and you can easily dress them up or down. This style of trouser are something that I have been longing to wear for numerous years but have never been confident with the size and shape of my body to pull them off, I am going to the gym and trying to tone my body so that I feel more comfortable in myself especially during the summer months.

I brightened up the outfit with this cute little lemon satchel from Primark, it has a longer strap which I tucked inside as I loved the effect it had just carrying it by the handle, it is a shame that you cannot detach the long strap but being £6 there isn't much room to complain.