Nars Velvet Matte Lip Crayon

I had quite a naughty little purchase a couple of weeks ago, but I feel it was acceptable as it was with some birthday money. It was something that I had been thinking about for a while after seeing so many bloggers rave about this Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, I picked up shade Dragon Girl (2457). It is a beautiful bright red which does apply to the lip in a deeper, slightly darker shade of red.

For me, this is something out of the ordinary, I don't really tend to wear many lip products never mind something so bright, but there was just something about it which whispered to me that I had to buy it when I tried it on at the Nars counter in Harvey Nichols. I love that you can just apply a small amount to create a red stain on your lips or go for a very bright rich colour which would be perfect for a night out. I feel the best way to describe this look on me might sound a little silly, but it is what always springs to mind; with my pale skin, dark hair applying this product reminds me of quite a vampire esk look (yes I do wish I was Bella in Twilight, but don't worry I'm not obsessed with vampires). 

I also love the fact that it is a matte product, now I do have an obsession with mattes, I'm just not an overly big fan of shimmers and having something so bright and shiny on my lips can be a big no no depending on my mood.

When I noticed it was quite a hard crayon I was a little worried that it would dry my lips out and be a little harsh, but it is the complete opposite, it is so soft to apply and once on you hardly even remember you are wearing it.

I would love to hear if you have used this product before and what you think of it.

Benefit vs Mac

Benefit and Mac have got to be my two favourite beauty brands from high end through to drugstore, if I have the money I will head straight to their counters first. It was thanks to my sisters that I started liking Benefit, the first time I bought any of there products was actually in New York, it was with one of my sisters and we had a make over done at their counter in Macy's then ended up buying all the products the woman used, I must have felt a million dollars walking around with my face made up and a bag full of goodies.

However, it wasn't until I went to college that I actually got into make up a lot more that I started noticing the brands over drugstore products. Benefit at this time was perfect for me, they have a lot of pinky blushers with warm undertones and a nice shimmer, which is all I wore at that time. My all time favourite which is very clear in the photo is Bella Bamba, and I have literally just discovered that it is no longer on their website *sobs*. I wasn't keen on bronzers at all whether it was because I couldn't apply it properly, but I always thought that it made my cheeks look quite grubby as I have a very pale complexion.

This did all change when I discovered Mac blusher in Buff, I personally feel it falls under the bronzer category as it is a matte dark peach colour. It is a beautiful product and gives such a natural colour to the cheeks and you can sculpt the cheekbones as well. From this day I have favoured bronzers over blushers, I feel that as I have got older I want the natural look and sometimes with a blush my face looks like it has got a real flush of colour you get when out for a long run.

It is very hard to decide which makes it number 1 and number 2 in my favourites, they are two completely different brands. Benefit are very bright, vibrant and summery colours and a lot of their products do have a shimmer which can put me off a little bit. But, I still go for the Coralista and Bella Bamba blushers when I want a hint of a pinky colour in my cheeks when contouring, and as you are well aware that my go to product is Benefit's Browzing.

Where as Mac are quite natural, subtle and matte products perfect for the autumn and winter months which is the look I am loving at the minute even heading into the summer season. There are so many different shades perfect for any skin tone and you can pick if you want a matte product or something which has a bit of a shimmer.

I honestly feel that both brands are fantastic and it is too hard to pick, if your quite girly and you love pink tones, bold brows and that glossy finish then head to a Benefit counter. If you want natural cheeks, dark eye shadows and a choice of lipsticks then Mac is your place to go.

My Night Skincare Routine

Not that long ago I decided that it was time to make a big effort with my skincare routine. When it comes to revealing what I normally do and have done for years, it is probably going to cause a bit of a stir amongst bloggers and the skincare industry! (I'm sorry)

All I did was wash my face with a sponge and hot water, no soap or lotions, what is wrong with Au Natural I ask? And, yes I did go to sleep still wearing my make-up.

I do read an awful lot about this topic and when I have spoken to people I know about it can be extremely opinionated, pretty much everyone believes that it is very bad for your skin, it will break out and become dry. If I am brutally honest with you my skin did not suffer much at all, yes I did have the odd spot or two, it can be dry but I am prone to oily skin. In all honesty I don't feel my skin suffered badly at all with just using water, I never applied perfumed products or clogged up my pores with a lot of products.

However, I did want to involve some kind of skincare routine into my life slowly. Some days I am still all for just using water and others I want to be that beauty obsessed girl testing out different products and use what has been hyped about.

My night routine is when I use most of the skincare products rather than my morning one, whether it is because I have more time,  and I also find that my make up doesn't apply that well once I have used loads of products and creams, it seems to just fall straight off. As I wear a lot of make up I want to make sure that I have fully removed it (also make sure I don't get it all over my bedding too).

I start off using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Lotion with a cotton pad, this is pretty close to water so I'm happy with that. I actually prefer it than just using water, it takes off your make up so easily, especially mascara which is a massive problem area for me, no matter how many times I used to rub it off I always had panda eyes the next morning.

Then my routines switches up every other night, just so that my skin doesn't get overly used to a particular product and it stops working as well. I will then use the Garnier Refreshing Toner to remove the rest of the make up and try and firm my skin. It is very light non greasy or oily and dries instantly leaving the face smooth and not sticky.

The other nights I will use my nspa products. After the Micellar water I then use the nspa Melting Cleansing Gel, it is very different than what I am used to, the way it works is really strange but I actually really like it and softens my skin. After this I then go for my nspa Hot Cloth Polish, this is another product I have always wanted to try but never got round to buying one. It scrubs aways the remainder of the dead skin cells and then buffs the skin to leave it really smooth. I then apply my nightly moisturiser which can change quite often.

If I feel like a more pamper night then I will use a face mask, I tend to go for the clay ones as they are a bit more of a harder working mask, it goes deep into the pores and de clogs them (is that even a word?) I either use this if I know I have a night out that week or if I have had an extremely busy week and want to refresh the skin.

I am going to do a review at some point this month on the nspa products, as I have only just added them to my routine so I want to get used to them to be able to see how well the product works before writing something.

I would love to hear from any of you if you have used any of these products.

June Wishlist

Where is this year going? May has literally gone with a blink of an eye, it is sheer madness but it does mean that another wishlist is in order. It was quite difficult to think of things that I was liking at the minute, if I'm honest there isn't anything that I am wanting or needing which is quite a shock and not like me at all.

I could put it down to the fact that I gave myself a spending ban, as you are well aware for any girl this is very difficult. However, being a student towards the end of my loan and needing to buy food meant that fashion, beauty and skincare products had to go on the back burner - a bloggers worst nightmare. This meant that the frequent trips to town had to stop, and window shopping began online, letting the bank account have a sigh of relief.

The one item that I really want to buy is a floral crown, the festival and wedding seasons are fast approaching and these are the perfect accessories to any outfit. They used to be very difficult to get your hands on, but they have got extremely popular so pretty much most high street stores stock them, and yes I now want to get on the band wagon. (I am not a sheep I promise)

There are quite a few beauty products on the list, but most of them are not essentials they are just a want. The Benefit ooh la lift eye brightening product is probably the one that I would rush out and buy, my eyes have really bad dark circles under them at the minute and no matter how much water I drink and sleep I get, they are not disappearing :(

I must own around 20 to 40 shoes and have recently sent quite a few pairs to charity (my good deed) but I'm still missing one specific pair and that is flat ankle boots. I love the Chelsea boot, they are classy, cute and can be teamed with a wide range of outfits from cute little dresses, skirts to skinny jeans. What I like about these is that they are flat, and for me I like a shoe which is extremely comfortable to walk around in for hours at a time, but also waterproof! Recently I have had a habit of leaving the house in flat ballet shoes in the middle of a storm which ends in very cold and wet feet and shoes to go in the bin!

I hope that you have enjoyed this post, I'd love to hear what you think of any of these items :)