Smokey Eye Look

So, this post is something very out of my comfort zone, I absolutely love doing posts about beauty products as I do have an obsession with make-up and always want to share new finds and let my readers know what I feel about them (usually all positive!!). Apologies for the poses I was a little uncomfortable.

However when it comes to creating new looks I am not confident at all with showing it off, I like to keep it fairly simple and not photograph it. I feel that it will be an interesting route to go down with the odd blog post on a make-up look, by far am I an no expert but I feel that experimenting is very fun and I would like to share it with my followers. I get a lot of inspiration by fellow bloggers and YouTubers, my favourite at the moment is Poppy Rawson, she is amazing and so pretty. .

How To Create:

1. Firstly I used a primer before applying any products as its the perfect base and helps the make up stay on for pretty much most of the day. 

2. As I have a bit of troubled skin at the minute I applied concealer on certain areas before using a foundation to get my base ready. 

3. Using the Ubran Decay Naked 3 pallet and the a mixture of the brush inside and Real Technique shading brush I applied Nooner and Liar to the crease of my eyelid sweeping it in an outwards motion. Then I used a mix of Darkside and Blackheart and lightly applied it to the outer corners of my eye and a bit of the crease. 

4. Blend this thoroughly until all mixes together and you are happy with it. 

5. Then take a clean brush and take Trick shade and apply it on the eyelid as strong as you want it. Make sure it blends in well with the rest of the eyelid. 

6. Use a small brush and use dust in the inner corner of the eye to brighten it up. 

7. Make sure it is blended all together until you are happy with the outcome and apply mascara! 

8. Remove any loose powder under the eye with a cotton bud and apply a little bit of concealer and dab it in with your fingers. 

9. If you are prone to oily skin then use a little bit of powder and sweep it across the problem areas. 

10. Use your favourite eye brow product to define them, I used Benefit Browzing in Brunette, you want them a more natural colour as your eyes are quite dramatic. 

11. Take a highlighting powder and sweep it between your eyebrows in an upward motion on your forehead, down the ridge of your nose, and your cheekbones. 

12. Then take a bronzer and apply it just under your cheekbones, by your hairline in the corners of your forehead and just under your jawline to create that contour look. 

13. You can add a little bit of blush if you would like, gently apply to the apples of your cheeks and a bit along the cheekbones.

14. Make sure it is fully blended and you have not got any sharp lines on your face. 

15. Apply either a natural lipstick or some lip balm and voila your look is complete!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and the steps were easy enough for you to follow. I would love to hear what you thought of the look, and any ideas of a new look you would like me to try?