Brow Products

When it comes to eyebrows everyone has a different preference of shape, size and if they colour them in or not. I tend to tweeze my own as I cannot afford to keep paying for someone else to do it, but I did have them waxed over a year ago to get my initial shape. Some days I love having quite big eyebrows, then I look back in photos and think why did I like them and make them slightly smaller in size. 

It has only really been in the last year that I have taken my time to fill them in, before I was a little lazy and thought it didn't really make much of a difference, but how wrong was I? It can really change your face shape completely. For me I didn't want to go fairly dark as I thought I might look a little silly being quite pale. 

The first product I used was the Mac Deluxe Brow Liner in brunette, it's alright but something that you might want to use on the days you are not doing too much but want your eyebrows filled in. It's quite pale and not the easiest to apply as you cannot get a strong line to get the pronounced shape, it reminds me of a crayon when you used to use them as a child, it will crumble a little. 

I then got the Mac Eye Brows Self Propelling in Brunette, it's so much nicer than the pencil, it is a much smaller nib, like a ball point pen and perfect to create the perfect definition to get the arch. It is a much nice darker colour than the pencil to fill in the brows so much better without creating a little mess under the eye. 

However as I am not the greatest fan of the pencil and the Self Propelling pencil is quite small and I don't really want to use it all up so soon I was in search for another product. I do have my eye on the  Benefit Browzings but having to wait for payday is not very fun, one day it will make it's way into my make up bag. 

So after watching numerous YouTube videos for inspiration I found that a lot of people were using a brown eyeshadow to fill their brows in. So I gave this a whirl and have not stopped using it since. The only palette I own that has any shade of browns in is the MUA Heaven and Earth from Superdrug, the slight issue I have with these colours is that they are a little too shimmery and have a red tone to them, so I am on the hunt for something more matte. To apply it I use the Make Up Forever brush in no. 2S which has a very small tip, my cousin who is a make up artist over in Dubai gave me this brush and I love it. It is really for applying eyeshadow just under the eyes of on the waterline. 

I need to get my hands on a hard angled brush which is not too pricey, so it would be nice if any of you could recommend me one :) I would also love to hear what brow products you are using too. xx

Stay Matte Primer - Rimmel

I had run out of my Primer over the weekend and as I didn't have any time to pop to town I knew that my supermarket had a Rimmel section in their makeup bit, so I was just going to pick up the same one which was Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Pro, this works so well with my skin, it is really nice silky and smooth when applying and my make up stays on for the full day with a little retouch of powder every now and then due to having oily skin.

I then noticed that Rimmel have another primer which I haven't seen before so I am unsure if it is new or not so please let me know! It is Stay Matte Primer 003, I wondered what it would be like being matte but I actually quite like it and will probably suit my skin better being oily. It is a more thicker substance when applying and feels quite heavy and dull but once one it works exactly the same as the Fix and Perfect Pro.

Plus I have noticed that my skin feels a lot healthier after using primer and my spots are not inflamed which makes me very happy.

If you have any other recommendations for Primers then I would love to hear them xx