Vloggers/Bloggers I'm Loving #4

It has been a couple of months since I posted about the bloggers and vloggers that I have been loving so it is about time I let you in on who has caught my eye recently. Some of these bloggers I have only just discovered which is lovely for myself to feel inspired by more individuals who share the same passions. Although I do need a slap on the back of my hands for posting this a little late, I need to get round to sticking to my schedule a bit more, so here are the bloggers/vloggers I have been loving this month...

It is down to watching Zoella's vlogs that I have found the very bubbly, happy and extremely chatty blogger that is Velvet Ghost aka Gabby. I absolutely love her videos, she is so down to earth and what I love about her the most is that she is honest about everything even down to her vlogging... how she is still learning. It is so refreshing to hear that even the more established YouTubers are learning as they go along.  She's from my neck of the woods too! 

I have been reading Nicole's blog Sleek-Chic since the very beginning, I just love how her niche is Outfit Posts... the photos are so crisp and beautiful located in such a simple yet pretty locations which reflects the outfits she is modelling. Not only is her blog wonderful to read, she is also the sweetest blogger I have had the pleasure to talk to via blogging chats who has inspired me and helped with a few queries in the past. You must go check her blog out. 

Another bubbly and happy personality on YouTube I always look forward to watching her videos every week, if I am feeling uninspired or feel like I need to learn something new in the beauty department then I head straight for her channel. I'm very envy of her ability to create such incredible make up and hair looks, I wish she didn't live in America so I could hire her to be my make up artist. Go check out this girls YouTube channel, she is so down to earth and extremely talented.

She is the newest blogger I have been following and it was down to going through the favourite page on instagram (that's one great way of discovering new bloggers). Her self confidence is what inspires me the most, I have had a lot of body issues I'm not afraid to say this and I have learnt that I am a girl with curves I will never look like those models on the catwalk or in magazines but that is ok. Reading and seeing what she has been through and how she feels now makes me relate to her, you come out so much stronger and happier. Her dress sense is on top form too, she has this effortless vibe of being able to match numerous items together and looking fantastic... can she be my stylist please?

It would be lovely for you to check out these bloggers and then let me know what you think, I'm a huge fan of them all! 


  1. I've been following Gracie for over 2 years now and I have to say that it has been amazing to follow her weight loss journey! Plus, her confidence is just out of the roof. She is just amazing, that's all there really is to say.
    Miss Blue Eyes

  2. It is lovely to hear that other people have been inspired by her too, she is a fantastic role model to young girls. xxx