Tanya Burr False Eyelashes Range

 When Tanya Burr announced that she would be releasing a set of False Eyelashes I was intrigued, there are five different sets; Date Night, Everyday Flutter, Girls Night Out and the two that I bought were Bambi Eyes and Individual Lashes. I have to say these are extremely well made. It took about six different Superdrug stores before I could find them as they were sold out everywhere which is great news. 

I picked up Bambi Eyes and the Individual Lashes, something that I have never tried before. I have to say these lashes are extremely well made as they look very delicate and natural but are quite sturdy, usually I find that false eyelashes are quite cheap and flimsy so never last very long.

The ones that I am wanting to try out next is the Everyday Flutter lashes, they are half lashes which goes on the outer corner of the eyes.

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