Simplistic Change

Who knew that switching your parting around could give you a whole new look, and leave people asking you if you have visited a hairdressers. 

I get so bored of my hair on a very regular basis, most of the time it looks boring and quite limp which is extremely frustrating. It was only by accident that I discovered this new look for myself and it is all down to just playing around for a few hours... mine was down to trying to style it into a side bun which involved a lot of product to dry it a little at the roots to tousle it to get better grip for backcoming, the next day my parting just stayed in the same position even when my hair was down. 

If you are bored of your look and cannot afford to get it cut or you just cannot decide what you want to do then my best advice is play around with it yourself... not with scissors, just re style it. Be brave and give it a whirl you will never know what you could create.

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