October Favourites

Well October certainly flew by, it has been a month that has had its ups and downs but in the blogging world I feel that I have started to feel a little more confident in how I would like Adventures of Wonderland to steer towards. Now the countdown to Christmas can really begin!! 

I had been on the hunt for an illuminating concealer for quite some time, I need the ever darkening bags under my eyes to disappear an

Collection Illuminating Brightening Concealer
With plenty late and sleepless nights I needed one product to remove the ever darkening bags under my eyes without being too cakey (its a word right?) with orange undertones. Hallelujah the Collection Illuminating Concealer does just the trick, with a pretty purse friendly price tag and lightening particles to make your eyes look wide awake. 

Make Up Revolution Eye Shadow Palette 
Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm pretty sure you are all bored of me babbling on about this brand and the eye shadow palettes but just look how pretty they are... and also another affordable product. I love the warm tones of all these shades and how they blend beautifully together, plus there is a different look for ever occasion out there!
Nars Copacabana Illuminator
A beautiful light reflecting, shimmering and highlighting illuminator with the coolest name on the planet! I love how you can mix this in with your foundation to create a dewy look or just apply to your cheekbones for that highlighting effect it is the perfect all round product. The consistency is very light and soft so can be blended extremely well.

Chelsea Boot 
These have been the only footwear I have reached for, for the whole of October no matter how the weather has been. They are super comfortable, light and go with whatever I have in my wardrobe which is extremely handy. I just cannot get enough of them!

Green Tea 
I'm on a kind of health kick (how many times are you going to hear me say this?), and for someone who is a huge lover of tea this is not the easiest switch to make but after persistence I can finally say that Green Tea is not that bad. After just one day I can notice a huge difference in myself, there is less bloating which is from not using milk. If you are looking for a small change then I would suggest trying Green Tea. 

Pitch Perfect Soundtrack
I like to think that I am part of the film when I sing along to every track on the album, its just the best thing since sliced bread. It is the best movie soundtrack I have ever heard I know that is a huge statement to make but I am not really a fan of them, it is just a fun and happy album to listen to. 
I'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these products that I have mentioned and if they would make your monthly favourites.


  1. The NARS Copacobana illuminator is amazing, I need to get my hands on that! I also love the Pitch Perfect soundtrack, I listened to it on repeat when it first came out.

    Sammy co.


    1. It is a beautiful and light illuminator I love it, so easy to apply too as I trend to struggle with that aspect. xxx