Holygrail Products

In my daily routines, whether it is haircare, fashion, beauty or skincare I usually leap to the exact same products all the time, it could be that I'm just familiar with it so I prefer to use it or if it is the quickest thing to reach out for. So I began to put a bit more thought into this and picked out five items which I would class as my Holygrail products, as I literally could not live without any of these products.

Rimmel Top & Base Coat Polish  
I don't really need to explain what this product does as the name really does the job for me. I feel that the base coat helps stop that horrible yellow stained colour you find on your nails once you have removed your nail polish. But the best thing about this nail polish is that the top coat leaves your nails extra shiny and the polish lasts for so much longer. 

Superdrug Mousse 
If you have fairly flat hair and looking for the easiest and cheapest solution to add that little bit of volume, then look no further than mousse. I maybe could splash out a little bit more but I am still loving the Superdrug Mousse which is less than £2 a bottle, for me it doesn't make the hair go crisp like I have found using other brands. I add quite a lot of this product all over my hair and if you blow dry it then it does add that bit of lift, I certainly notice a huge difference if I have not used this in my routine.

This is probably the most random product I probably could talk about on my blog, although I say this but it has to be the most useful item I could ever own. I love a bit of backcombing, and with a comb it is fairly small, and the gaps between the bristles(?) are just right to get into the roots of your hair to start backcombing. Now the reason why I would class this as my favourite holygrail product is that it can fit into any bag or pocket when you are leaving the house, I am always in need of brushing my hair through and adding that bit more volume when I am out and about.

I feel like we are starting to get a little pattern here, so my next product I would pick is hairspray, I just love the thing and use it all the time. I do feel it is a love it or hate it product purely down to the condition your hair looks once used, sometimes it makes hair look crisp and dry, if you find the right one it can add a little bit of shine whilst holding it in place. Whoever invented it seriously needs a million pats on their back, I actually think I should invest in a travel size one so I can reapply when I am out.

Backcombing Spray
With the three products I have mentioned above, this Vo5 product is amazing to help me achieve a bit of volume in my hair. It has a bit more grit and sticks to the roots far more than dry shampoo which allows the particles of your hair to stay more tousled once backcombed. You spray it in exactly the same places you would as a dry shampoo and does exactly the same job as well, you just need to add some hairspray to make it stick for the whole day. 


  1. I adore the VO5 plump it up dry shampoo. Its amazing.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. I must try this out as I love the dry backcombing spray, maybe them both together would be a fantastic combo xxx