Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

It is the time of year where list have been written out and maybe clues are hidden around the house to hint to your boyfriends or family members what you would like for Christmas. Maybe you could leave this post on your laptop for your boyfriend to find, I'm sure it could help them an awful lot. 

For me I always ask "Santa" for clothes and make up as you can never own too many and its nice to freshen up your wardrobe... it also helps that many high street stores have fantastic deals on leading up to Christmas Day. 

  • Top of the list would be an expensive perfume, something from the Marc Jacobs range, Viktor & Rolf or maybe Emporio Armani... lets face it there are far too many to list. Each perfume bottle I own always links back to a special occasion and I love remembering it when I come to spritz it. 
  • Make Up would come in second, although I would say that you need to take your man to a counter every so often and say how much you love a particular product and then constantly bring this up in conversation. A lot of the time it is not something you would be bought, so it is that little bit extra special when you do. 
  • Clothes- Unless your man is good at understanding what you like and sizes (mine is pretty good at this) then I would say stick to pjs. These are such a great present, there is nothing better than a new pair of pyjamas especially warm and fluffy ones that you can cosy into on a cold night. 
  • Toiletries, I'm not suggesting its because you smell (I promise) but these are such great stocking fillers and something we use all the time, they always come in handy. 

I hope that this guide helps you, it is quite varied and will hopefully give you plenty of ideas which can be picked up in various styles, colours and brands. 

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