Winter Warmers

Primark have come up trumps with their autumn/winter collection this year and I am extremely impressed with it all and being on a tight budget, it is great that I can add a few winter pieces to my wardrobe withought having to fork out a ridiculous amount of money on just one item.

The knits are a great quality and some of the items would be classed as on par with knitwear in other high street stores that charge a little bit more on price. There is a whole range of different styles of knits but mainly all are focused around the classic herringbone knit, some from thicker heavier wool and a lot are from a thinner wool.

My favourites at the moment have to be the jumpers, long gone is my love of cardigans, it is all about big over sized jumpers that you can curl up in. The ones I picked were both fairly thin, the grey is a rougher knit than the blue and white striped jumper which feels more like cashmere (its obviously not, but I can wish). These are perfect for layering, especially at the moment when the British weather cannot decide if it wants to be mild or ridiculously freezing.

 I am loving the oversized scarfs they seem to have in store at the moment, they are amazing and could double up as a picnic blanket in the summer. You will have seen this scarf previously on my outfit posts but I feel it deserves to be featured a little more on my blog.

I'd love to hear if you are loving the knitwear from Primark too, and which ones are your favourites. 


  1. I haven't managed to get a look at this month's primark's offering quite yet but I've heard such good things, and I think that I might be in love with that scarf! Too pretty.

    Sammy xo.

  2. I have to admit I'm not Primark's biggest fan but I love the look of this scarf so I'm going to have to check it out!