Top Autumn Beauty Picks

Here are my top beauty picks for Autumn/Winter 2014, most of the shades are very similar but yet once you are rocking them they are quite different from one another. 

I absolutely love the rich, dark shades at the moment I think they are so chic and pretty and add that bit of warmth to your look in these dark, dreary days, plus you can make yourself look as vampy as possible on Halloween. 

The perfect autumn look would be a cream based eyeshadow which gives off a golden hue and a smokey vibe, add a lot of mascara and liquid eyeliner to give that feline affect, then go for a dark lip. For the rest of the face I would say keep it as neutral as possible otherwise you will have far too much going off and it would not look quite right. I know that the rules are either go heavy on the eyes or lips, but I say be brave and wear them both with pride. What would be cute would be if you matched your nail polish to your lipstick, it would pull your look in together so perfectly. 

I hope that you love these picks, and would love to hear what you think of these products. 


  1. Wow so Autumnal! love the berry lipsticks! And those candles look nice! Abi :)

    1. Thank you. I really have to get my hands on more of the autumnal shades they are just so pretty. Xx