October Wishlist

This time round my wishlist includes items that I actually need as well as would like, so I guess it is acceptable, well when is it never? The biggest item on here and the most expensive is the digital camera, as you might be aware mine broke a while ago and have not had the time or money to get round to replacing it, which is so frustrating as I have missed being able to take decent picture wherever I go. 

I am in desperate need of replacing my hair brushes, mine are disgustingly old, even though they still do the trick I feel that I need some fresher ones. The one brush I am really wanting to try out is a tangle teezer, I've never really had the need to use one until now.

As you will have seen in my monthly favourites post, I have discovered that the Real Techniques expert face brush is multifunctional, how I have not discovered this before is beyond me. So I feel it is only right that I pick up another so one can be for concealer and foundation, then the other can be for blusher and bronzer.

Then the other beauty products on my wishlist are what I would love to try out but are not a necessity. So fingers crossed they can be picked up and tried out. 


  1. I hope you can get a new camera asap! The Real Techniques brushes are on my list, too!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

    1. Thank you, me too I am in desperate need of one. They are great brushes aren't they xxx