Halloween Grungy Tutorial

As it is Halloween I thought it would be quite fun to create a generic moody, dark and spooky make up tutorial which is perfect to recreate to go with whatever outfit you have whether it is a witch, devil or angel. P.S The lipstick isn't smudged, my lips are a weird shape so it makes the lipstick look all uneven :( !

I hope that you like this look and here is how I created it: 


1. I applied my foundation first, I would suggest that you go for a heavy consistency and I would not be worried if it is not the perfect match to your skin, it is Halloween after all so maybe slightly paler the better. 

2. After this I focused on the eyes, I used three different palettes, firstly I got the palest shade in the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette for a base coat, it will also help the other shades to blend easier. 

3. Using the burnt orange/red shade from my bigger palette (I believe it is the W7 one) and mixed it with Nooner from the Naked palette, I worked these into the crease of my eye, make sure you blend this thoroughly and get quite a deep tone. 

4. I then took a bigger blending brush and placed it into the two purple shades from the W7 palette and the dark purple from the Front Cover palette, I then put this all over my lids and slightly into the crease and blending all the shades together so there are no lines. 

5. Using the black shade from the Front Cover Palette and the Naked Palette I put this all over the lids too, but not as far up into the crease. I then took a much smaller brush and put it under my eyes a little bit and smudged it out to give the smokey effect. 

6. In the Front Cover Palette there is a shimmery pigment purple shadow in the corner of my eyes to brighten them up a little bit and add that bit of sparkle. Put a lot of mascara on your lashes and if your feeling like it, add some falsies too.

7. I took the long lasting Illuminating concealer under my eyes and the middle of my forehead, and blending this out, this brightens up the under eyes perfectly. Then used a little bit of powder do set the base.

8. I then took my Benefit Hoola and used the brush that comes with their blushes, usually I am not a fan of these but it is perfect to create a harsh contour which is very grungy. I placed it just under my cheekbones and up onto my forehead, down each side of my nose. Don't blend it too much as it needs that mucky, deep tone. 

9. For my brows, I wanted to make them look a lot longer and thicker than they normally are, so I used the Make Up Revolution brow kit and used the darkest shade of powder first then set it with the wax. 

10. I have two alternatives when it comes to the lips, and mixed a few products together as I didn't have the perfect colour. Firstly, I took my Nars velvet lip pencil and placed it all over the lips, then I took a small eye shadow brush and placed it into one of the purple and then black eye shadows I had already used and worked it onto my lips. All you need to do is just dab it on and it will stick to the product already on there. You can always use a finger to do this.

11. Using a much deeper and brighter red lipstick, I placed this over the top of what I had already created for a bit more of a glossier finish and much deeper shade. It is perfectly fine if you don't want to use any products on your lips or if you just want to use a red lipstick. 

And ... your look is complete!! 

I hope that these steps were easy enough for you to follow, if you do not like any of these products then this is perfectly fine, just use similar products it will have the same effect. I would love to hear your thoughts on this look too. 

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