Forever stuck in a Beauty Rut

I love playing around with my make up products what girl doesn't, but by no means am I an expert at applying the products, in fact I honestly don't think I am that good. It would be lovely to create that "airbrushed" finish but we all know that, that is not going to happen. 

As it is body confidence week I thought that this would be quite an interesting post to do, I have never been a confident individual and for me make up has always been a mask, I have extremely low self esteem and suffer with acute acne, so with this constantly in my mind I would be too ashamed to step out the door without wearing any make up, especially when at high school and college as I would be too worried what people would think and say. But as I got older my skin has calmed down an awful lot, there is always one or two deep red spots on my face but I have grown in confidence and learnt that we cannot be perfect and it is who I am. 

With my growing confidence of being in my own skin I have looked at beauty products as an art, something fun that you can play around with and create interesting looks rather than lathering it on your face to hide a lot of scars. Now my issues have changed to worrying about not being able to create a certain look, or it is not at a professional standard. Plus the biggest problem that constantly bugs me is that my looks always look exactly the same, does anyone else have this problem? 

It would be lovely if you had any tips and tricks to help my make up woes, and does anyone else ever feel like this?


  1. I understand what you mean by having a lack of confidence and self esteem. Not that I have ever suffered with acne, but I do have pigmented skin on one of my eyelids and on the back of my neck. Funnily enough on the lowest part of my hairline on my neck actually grows white hair. Not grey, white.

    For years when I was younger I would either want to cut that hair away or I would consistently dye over it because I was ashamed of it. 'it wasn't normal'. I'd slather my eyes in makeup (usually dark) to hide the fact that one of my eyelids was significantly whiter than the other too. I always had a love hate relationship with summer, because I would tan, but the pigmented skin would either burn badly or show up even whiter.

    The best advice I can give you with helping something like this is that you can't rush yourself into loving something you've (i suppose) been ashamed of for such a long time. Every time I look in the mirror I notice it, and it'll never go away. But hey, it makes me unique. Over time i've become proud of what I look like and I truly believe that confidence shows and overall you'll feel so much better about all the things that fed that low self esteem. I haven't died my hair now for over a year, so I now have a long chunk of hair thats all white that sits by my neck alongside my brown hair. I now look at it and think, hey i'm going to grow it as long as I can, then maybe plait it, or dye it cool colours - why not!

    I'm so sorry this has turned into a rambly reply, I hope it helped in some kind of way. I've had such a low self esteem before (over this and other things) that I just could bare to look in the mirror or see myself in pictures. I'd hate to know that someone else was feeling that same way. xxx

    1. That was so lovely of you to share your story, it is so nice to know that other people out there have had something that they were ashamed of or low self esteem on and they have managed to be able to actually be proud of themselves. Don't worry how long your comment was it was so nice to read what you had been through and I am please that you are able to feel proud about yourself. Thank you so much for sharing and I hope we will have helped others out there too. xxx