Channelling my Personality

I am trying to channel my personality through Adventures of Wonderland, for me each blogger has their specific posts that you remember them by and it always gets me looking forward to going back to their blog to see what the next one is.

For me this is still something I am discovering and working out. As I am a lot happier with my images I feel like I should step up my posts, specifically the outfit posts.


  1. I'm about to start my first blog. Drafting my first few posts and just like you i honestly don't know what i want to blog about. I think i want to blog about everything, but it seems like most successful bloggers have one very specific niche.

    What do you think?

  2. oh, and how do i 'follow' you? I'm that new to this.. haha

    1. Just go with the flow when your first starting out I'm still learning and haven't even blogged for a year yet. Get used to what you feel comfortable with, I started with wanting to focus on outfit posts and at the minute I'm loving beauty posts.

      If your on the web page on the right hand side you can follow me via bloglovin or join this web page and that's following it :) thank you so much and good luck xxx