An Afternoon's Inspiration

I apologise for the lack of posting over these past few days or even weeks should I say, it has all felt a little mish-mashed and I am posting one day and the other nothing. I am going through one of them uninspired phases which is super annoying and frustrating and no matter how hard I try and get out of it, it is not working. Even though my aim is to blog every single day I did not just want to post something which seemed rubbish to me with not a lot of effort putting in to it, for me if it is not 100% then do not post and just leave it for the day.

As you will have seen in a previous post I am trying to find my niche, something that my readers can link to me and always want to look back every day to check out my next post. 

I took a trip to York yesterday, I absolutely love this city and would put it on par with Chester and Canterbury. For me the quaint, individual shops, cobbled streets and cottage style buildings are so cute and make me feel all warm and happy.  

If you have any blog posts you would like me to do then please comment below or send me a tweet :) 


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