University Tips & Tricks #5


Woohooo the big day is finally here, its such a roller-coaster of emotions but that is perfectly normal do not worry.

My advice would be set off early, your campus will be so busy with everyone else moving in, you want to miss the mad rush and have yourself a tiny bit organised and relaxed when its time to meet those around you.
Don't panic if your room is a complete mess when your neighbours pop into your room to introduce themselves, they will be in the exact same boat as you and there is plenty of time. Keep your door open as you are unpacking this way whoever walks past you can smile and say hello and make them feel welcome to come and talk to you.

Maybe ask your parents to leave you on your own for a couple of hours so that it makes it slightly easier to unpack and find places for your belongings.

Whilst you have transport you should go out and discover the area you are living in, find your nearest supermarket and do your food shop. Maybe pop into the town to see how far it is from your halls and which buses you should get, just to get yourself familiar with it.

I hope my university series has been helpful for you and made your move that little bit easier. All I can say now is good luck, you will love it!


  1. Ah your uni posts have been so helpful! I'm moving in on Saturday... I'm actually terrified, but very excited. Time has gone so quickly! I just keep saying to myself 'it'll be okay it'll be okay'- I think my flatmates will think I'm crazy:')
    Helena /

    1. Thank you, it's so nice to know that they are helpful. I hope that you have an amazing time at Uni xxx