University Tips & Tricks #4

Moving out to Uni is the perfect chance to go through your clothes, there is nothing worse than emptying all your drawers into a suitcase then getting to uni and realising you don't like half the stuff you own. Having a massive clear out is the best thing to do.

If your a shopaholic like me and you own an awful lot of clothes, then moving out is going to be extremely tricky. I have a few pieces of advice if you do not have a lot of room to pack things you have to be ruthless, if things are fairly oldish and you haven't worn them in ages then leave them at home as you probably wouldn't wear it at uni. 

As most of you will be moving during September unfortunately the warmer weather is behind us and we are heading into Autumn/Winter season which makes it so much easier with what to pack. Think about those warmer clothes like knits, coats and trousers rather than thin cotton dresses and skirts. 

Make yourself a list of everything that you need to pack and cross it off as you go along from your clothes to folders to pots and pans. When packing up your clothes roll the smaller items as they take up less room and you can fit more items in a suitcase. The rest of your items will fit into boxes better as they are much deeper than a suitcase, these can be picked up from most supermarkets and shops, just ask someone where they can be found. 

I hope that this helps you a little bit when it comes to the boring stages of organising and packing.