University Tips & Tricks #3

Another list, another way to spend those pennies...

You will be please to here this is a fun shopping list for you to get stuck into. Once you have organised and found the essentials you need to buy now is the time to pick out decorative items to make your room look pretty. 

For my first year I actually had a colour scheme, as there was a sink in my room I had to have a few small towels, and this had to be red to match my duvet cover which had red flowers on, along with my red cushion and vase. Even the pots and pans had to match with the cutlery too, also helpful if you lose something as you know what is yours. 


Cushions & Throws - And lots of them, perfect to put on your bed and on any chairs for decoration.

Photos & Posters - Print lots of images out of the fun times with family and friends and create a feature piece on one of the walls. Then throughout the year you can add to it with your university photos. Get posters from your favourite films of tear things out of magazines and place on your walls too for inspiration and to make them look pretty. 

Picture Frames - Even though your probably not allowed to hammer anything into the walls, you can place the important images in a couple of frames and place them on any windowsills and shelves. 

Fairylights - These are perfect to make your room feel very girly and cosy, there are so many different styles you can get from traditional and wicker hearts.

Candles - If you have a small table and shelves, place a few candles around your room and light them on an evening along with your fairy lights. They also can make your room smell nicer too which always helps. Some uni's might not allow them as they can cause fires! 

Bunting - I love a bit of bunting, get scraps of fabric which stand out to you and sew them onto a piece of string or ribbon to create something to stick onto your walls or place around wardrobes and shelves. 

I loved having a bunch of fresh flowers in my room, it just adds that extra bit of niceness and freshness to your room, plus they perk you up if your feeling a little bit down. 

This really is the perfect time to plan how you want your room to look, give it your own personality as you will be living there for quite a while. Just make it fun and quirky! 


  1. lovely tips! I'm really looking forward to decorating my uni room:) I've actually been planning it and buying/making things for ages because decorating just excites me too much(': my colour scheme is pink of course
    Helena /

  2. I like the sound of these little pieces.. I'm going into my final year at university this year and I have never moved away from home, I always travelled. Although I have heard of a few people who have felt a little homesick in the past. These bits and pieces would be perfect for creating your own home from home!

    Emma | The Fashion Six