September Wishlist

I cannot believe how fast August has gone, time to wave goodbye to the sunshine and hello to rain, wind, orange leave and possibly snow? If I am being honest I am looking forward to autumn and winter, for me its a time where you can get cosy in knits, oversized coats and scarfs, plus no need to worry about fake tanning. 

But this year it will be the first ever time that I wont be returning to education as I am completely finished, it is quite a scary thought but I guess we have to grow up some day. Most of my wishlist is filled with things that I want to add to my room, as I'm planning on redecorating woohooo!!! 

The main item on this wishlist that is a must is a new digital camera, mine broke on me the other weekend and have been lost without it, as a blogger it is a catastrophe. I am planning on paying that little bit more for a better quality one, so if you have any in mind please put them in the comments below. 

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