Schwarzkopf Hair Mask

This Schwarzkopf Omega Repair Hair Mask is for damaged and depleted hair with a luxurious pearl essence, sounds fancy which is why I have added it to my latest hair care routine. As my usual hair mask ran out it was time that I tried a new brand and mask, normal conditioner isn't doing it for my ombré hair at the moment it's extremely dry and broken at the ends and far too knotted.

I've only used this hair mask a couple of times but I am already loving it and have noticed a huge difference than what it was previously. The consistency is much thicker rather than being the typical smooth, silky feel, knowing that my hair will have a deep conditioning treatment. 

Hair masks have got to be my saviour this past month or so.


  1. I absolutely love Schwarzkopf as a whole. I use the Ultimate Repair range and its brilliant. Especially the hair mask from that collection.This one sounds pretty good and I'm thinking that once I run out of the one I'm using, I may have to give this one a go :)
    Great post.

    Vanessa From TooClothesForComfort


    1. It is the first time I have ever used any of their products but I love it. Really want to try more of their stuff xxx