Rimmel Brow This Way

Brow This Way is a newbie to the drugstore shelves, Rimmel has created a perfect brow product for them lazy days.

It comes in three shades; blonde, mid brown, dark brown and a clear gel too. All you need is one sweep across your brows and voila your done, if you want a more defined look to your brows then go in with a pencil afterwards.

The only issue I have with this brow gel is that far too much product comes out on the spooly, so you have to go in after wards with a cotton bud to wipe away any smudges. I usually end up making sure most of it is wiped off before applying it.

I got the shade dark brown which was a bit of a mistake, they are very dark shades so I reckon the mid  brown or even the blonde would work for me, I do like this product a lot as it is super easy to use and takes all of two seconds.

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