Kim Kardashian Arabian Tutorial

I guess I have to say it, technology has failed me! A few days ago I set myself the challenge of filming two videos a week and uploading them on a Sunday and a Wednesday, it was going so well until the worst happened... my camera decided it would film them but then loose the footage when trying to save it.

After hours of googling the perfect image of Kim Kardashian to create her make up look, a face full of products and missing footage, I thought lets not waste this opportunity and upload a blog post instead. The image that I picked up had an Arabian feel to it, I thought it was fairly different and unusual for Kim Kardashian.

She is a huge fan of contouring, however on this image I was using she has very strong bronzer structuring the top parts of her cheekbones and a nice soft pink flush across the apples of her cheeks. A lot of highlighting goes into the look too, with a lot focusing on the top parts of your cheeks, down the ridge of the nose and the cupids bow.

Make sure that you take your time when applying the eyeliner as this is the most important part to this Arabian look, it has to be extremely thick and black. Take it into the inner corners of your eye and then on the bottom lash line, leaving the bottom waterline for a white liner or eye shadow which should give your eyes a more brighter appearance.

My challenge will unfortunately have to wait until October when I have been able to find a suitable camera to stick by me.

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