Hair Tutorial : Put it in a Bun

Recently I have been experimenting with my hair, having an awful lot of free time on my hands allows me to be able to try out different styles as I am so bored with wearing it down all the time. After watching X Factor I am now a bit of a fan of wearing a bun thanks to Cheryl, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

I did not want to be too precise but also I didn't want it to be too messy either, backcombing at the roots of my hair to give the front bit a lift when tying it back into a ponytail. I then took the hair and backcombed it messy to so that it would create a much bigger bun, I moved the hair around the bobble in a circular motion and tied it into place with a much smaller bobble. With the loose strands sticking out from my layers were pinned back trying to hide the clip inside the bun. 


  1. I love wearing buns! They're so nice and easy and keep my long hair out of my neck area so it doesn't get all tangled up with my scarf. Lovely tutorial and lovely bun! I usually use a hair donut because it gives my hair so much more volume than backcombing.
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

    1. Thank you :) yeah I love using the donuts too, so good when you are running a little late xxx