A Splash of Colour

After spending pretty much all day every day sitting on my laptop it was time that I got my fat booty off the settee and did something different. As I love a bit of creativity and I would class myself as artistic it was time to be cultural and head off to an art gallery, lucky for me both my best friends love that kind of trip out too. The Hepworth (named after the artist herself) is a fairly new gallery showing the work of contemporary artists, switching up the collections every once in a while which is quite refreshing. 

My favourite exhibition had to be that of Franz West 'Where is My Eight?', his sculptures that he creates are incredible, I love the way the bright coloured paint are just dripped down and mixed into one another. 

If you are needed a bit of time out or feeling a little sad go out and do something different, it really was a breath of fresh air. 

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  1. I love going out and just exploring new things and this art gallery looks amazing! great photos :)