YouTube Beginner

I've filmed my first ever make up tutorial, wooohoo!! It was a little bit scary at first as I am not a beautician or make up artist at all and half the time it really is not neat at all. A couple of things I would like to mention is that I am learning as I go along, it's only my fifth video so things are not perfect yet and probably never will be. My equipment is still very basic, I am relying on natural lighting which is not the best in England even in Summer plus I filmed this video on my macbook so apologies for some of the products looking all weird, they are just mirrored. I am playing around with everything and hopefully my camera will be in full use and a more paler background so it is much clearer for you all.

I hope that you still enjoy this video as much as I did making it, give it a thumbs up if so and please subscribe to my channel for more in the future :)

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