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Congratulations to everyone who got their grades and into University last week, it's a fantastic achievement and you are going to have an amazing experience. If you didn't get the marks you were hoping for please don't worry, it is not the end of the world or following your dreams, there are so many paths to take whether it is choosing your second or third choice or building up work experience and working your way up the ladder that way. If you are still unsure what is happening contact UCAS the people on the phones are there to help and give you a lot of advice.

I have just completed my time at University, so I am extremely jealous of you all starting your next chapter, can I just rewind to being a fresher please?! I thought that I would put together a little series of posts all focusing on preparation before you finally move out. Obviously some of you will be living at home so why not persuade your parents to re decorate your room, create a fresh start.

Now you are aware of which uni you will be going to it's time to see who you will be joining. The university should have it's own Facebook page, probably done through the Students Union. Here they will have links to societies, halls or residents and possibly your chosen subject, this gives you the opportunity to get to know one another, although I am going to say please be careful, don't give out numbers or addresses etc. as you still don't know who anyone is yet (I know that you're not stupid but I just have to include this off my own back).

This is also the time that you will gain more information for Freshers Week, what events there will be, who could be performing (that's the exciting part) and prices, this is the whole reason you are going to uni right?

I hope that this little introduction was helpful, in the next posts I will discuss the main necessities you may need to pack. Once again well done!!!


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  2. Looking forward to reading your future posts about getting ready for uni, although Im going into 3rd year I still find it really interesting seeing what tips and advice people have. I wish I was a fresher again, slightly dreading third year! I've actually got a similar series going on over on my blog giving advice for freshers starting uni i'd love it if you could check it out here.

    Emma x
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    1. Thank you, I hope that it will help. Good luck with third year, I'm sure you will do fine. xxx