University Tips & Tricks #2

I hope that the excitement/shock of getting into University has finally sunk in and your looking forward to going and for most of you moving out.


The most important step you need to do as soon as possible is contact the uni's accommodation office or the landlord to see what has been supplied for you and what equipment and items you have to take with you. Most places will have a bed, desk, desk chair, wardrobe, lamp, mirror and drawers already in the room. Some may put together a pack which includes a duvet and pillows but I would personally recommend that you take your own as I'd hate to think they have previously been used and just washed over the summer to freshen them up.


I'd recommend that you should take out some insurance for your room, I'm not saying that halls of residence is a place of thieves but it is always better safe than sorry, its not fun when you might have to pay out for a new phone, laptop or just some cash that has been taken. Double check your uni don't have insurance for your room first. 

A lot of students will think they cannot be bothered in paying out for a tv license but if your going to watch TV live then you are braking the law. If you are living in a house you will probably only need one, so share the cost between everyone to make it much cheaper.


Extension Leads - I only had two plug sockets in my room 
Ethernet cable - this is if there is no wifi or if the wifi decides to not work 
Duvet, Pillows 
Arial for you television 
Pans for cooking - 2 to 3 at the most 
Frying Pan / Wok 
Utensils, Cutlery, Plates, Dishes, Mugs, Glasses (shot and wine glasses!!)
Laundry Bag 

There are all the items you should double check with the accommodation office before you go out and buy them (they wont provide wine or shot glasses unfortunately). Toasters and kettles should usually be provided for you in the communal areas along with an iron and ironing board.


This is an exciting time, I was such a giddy person going out and buying all of there items and being able to choose the ones you liked rather than being made to have some horrible designs. I found that the cheapest places to pick everything up was Supermarkets with great homewears sections, Matalan, Ikea and Wilkinsons.


If you are wanting to take your own mini fridge, double check that they are allowed, at some places they are banned on fears of them leaking or tripping the electricals.

Sharing a house? Get in touch with your housemates and come up with a plan if you are to share pots and pans and who is going to buy what. It will be a little embarrassing if you end up with five kettles or toasters on the work top.

Good luck on your shopping spree!!


  1. This is a great list of tips, especially the things to take. I found a lamp was really useful, although I had a desk lamp it was really bright and I wanted one on my bedside table so i could turn it off from my bed.
    I'm currently writing a guide to starting university on my blog. I'd love to hear what you think or any advice you could add. You can read the posts here.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Thank you, there was so much more I could write about but these were the main ones. Yeah my light was quite bright but I got used to it. I shall check it out xxx

  2. Check out the quirky shop Tiger too, super cheap, random items for home, work, beauty...I love it!!
    Tash | Ballet, Dance & Fitness

    1. Yes I never thought of there. Iv never gone in one but heard it is really good. Xxx