Top 3 Holiday Accessories

I'm the type of girl that has to carry everything but the kitchen sink no matter where I go, if its shopping, a day out or even to the gym I cannot be dealing with carrying around a small bag. When I went away camping it was key that only a few items could follow me all the way to Newquay and it was the hardest thing ever, especially swapping and leaving items from my mahoosive handbag to the tiniest little satchel you could possibly think of.
I have to say it was the best thing, all I needed was my phone which was pretty much turned off, my small camera and purse, plus I was spending most of the time swimming around in the sea and walking up massive hills so I did not need anything dragging me down.

In terms of footwear I pretty much stuck to sandals the whole trip, it was either my sliders from Aldi or my cheap flip flops I picked up when away. Both these pairs of shoes went with all of my outfits and super comfy when walking miles and miles every day plus I needed easy bare foot access for the beach.

The final key accessory to my week away was my sunglasses!! You know me, I cannot leave the house without a pair on me or in my bag even if it is raining. The ones I chose to take were my big round brown ones from Primark, once again they matched every outfit and well they are just my favourites at the moment. However you must remember to take them off when sunbathing or you will get tan lines where they were and you may look a little silly... errrhemmm: me!!

I hope that this gave you a little help or idea if your heading away this month and don't know what to use or pack. The less the better as you are there for the sun, sea or pool.


  1. The yellow satchel is absolutely adorable! It's the perfect pastel summer bag! Sunglasses are also always a necessity for me. Great list. :) x
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

    1. Thank you, I love it, never knew how handy a small bag was before the holiday xxx