Rimmel Foundation with added Serum

In bodycare at the moment they are selling a few Rimmel products; 'Lasting Finish Foundation', 'Match Perfection Foundation', 'Stay Matte Powder' and a range of nail polishes, which are all quite a bit cheaper than normal. 

I'm not a fan of the Lasting Finish Foundation, it seemed to make my face look quite shiny and the rest of my products were sliding off, I ended up just throwing it away after a few uses, there was no way I would be trying it out again. However a few of these bottles had a slight different design on the label which definitely interested me, there is a comfort serum added to the formula and it suggests that it should last 25 hours.

The consistency is much thicker than the original which I put down to the serum, this makes it much longer to thoroughly blend into the skin and to find the perfect brush to use, for me its a stippling brush. The end result is more matte compared to the shiny, dewy look the other created but I really like this as it is more suited to my skin type.

Top tip if going to try it out, do a tester as I found the shade I would normally pick was a tad too dark for me and I had to buy a shade lighter. Since picking it up it is all I have been wearing, I really like it and it will be a re purchase when it runs out. 


  1. I love Rimmel, they used to be my favorite but then I found a covergirl foundation that I can't stop using :D


    1. I've never heard of them before. I will have to check them out, but I do love this foundation xxx