Homewear Wishlist

At the moment I seem to be really obsessed with homewear stuff, I have no idea why at all but the thought of redecorating a whole house or flat to exactly how you want it seems extremely exciting and an opportunity not to be missed. Every shop you go into there always seems something to make your room look a little more prettier and don't even get me started on cups, they are just so cute and simple and pretty..... Lets face it when I eventually get my own place it will be filled to the brim with wooden hearts, Cath Kidston mugs, picture frames and whatever else I can find to make it look quirky. 

But for the time being this is something that I have to wait for, so I decided to occupy myself with re decorating my bedroom- YAY!! I absolutely love scanning Pinterest for different ideas which probably isn't the best idea in terms of my bank account, plus different blogs is also a cool way of getting ideas too. A lot of bloggers seem to have gone for the white theme, don't get me wrong this creates a perfect background for taking your images but I feel that I would get extremely bored very quick, although I will be taming the bright pink walls.

So I thought whats not a better way than creating a homewear wishlist, pretty much most of these items are way out of my reach, as I cannot afford new furniture or even have space to add more but a girl can always dream... 


  1. These are really cute picks :D I like the colourful trunks :)


    1. Thank you :) they are so cute arent they, whenever I have my own place, its going to be filled with vintage stuff xxx