"Glamping" it up in Newquay

Last week I found myself "glamping" it up in a tent in the middle of a campsite in Newquay, well I wish it was,  it cannot really be classed as glamorous it was basically just camping, spending the mornings and evenings in a six birth tent and then sleeping in a very small two man text next to an extremely noisy family. Except for the couple of nights where the heavens opened, Hurricane Bertha made an appearance it was actually quite fun and got right into it.

Newquay is such an incredible place, you really do feel like you are abroad when driving around the tiny country roads and walking along the beach front, its like Australia but in the UK - madness! We booked the holiday around Boardmasters which is the biggest surfing comp in Great Britain (I 99.9% believe) pretty much most of the contenders, stall holders, commentators were from Australia, which is crazy, flying everything across the world just for a few days to compete in front of the British, but I certainly wasn't complaining.

I have to apologise at the lack of photos from my holidays, most of them I want to keep as personal but being a bad blogger I was too busy sunning myself rather than taking pics of the surfers and pretty seaside resorts around Newquay. I'm finally back on track with the blogging, so Adventures of Wonderland will be in full swing as of today! HURRAY!!!


  1. Eek did you see many of the bands at Boardmasters? The line up looked epically good! Desist aka are possibly my most favourite thing to do so I'm very jealous!
    Newquay was Mr C &is first little trip together so it holds plenty of memories for us, I'd love to go back!
    Rebecca xxx

    1. Unfortunately I was only there for the surfing part of it but it was equally as good and the second day was cancelled for the music part. It was a beautiful place and would definitely go back next year. So nice to hear you love it too xxx