Bowler Hat

Hat: H&M, Top: G21 Asda, Skirt: River Island, Cardigan: Topshop, Shoes: Next 

 Last week I decided that it was time to organise my clothes as I'm now finding it very tricky to fit everything into my drawers and wardrobe. It's so difficult to part ways with items, even though I've not worn them in ages I always think I might wear them soon (it never happens).

I also came across to the conclusion that I hardly ever wear anything I own so it was time that I start to make more of an effort in how I dress on a day to day basis. So what if I'm sat in doors all day I can dress up to feel good, so lets see if I actually manage to stick to my challenge. 


  1. i love a good bowler hat! it's a very easy way to quirk up a basic outfit

    hannah |

  2. I'm having a wardrobe clear out as we speak! I need to do the same as you and wear all of my clothes aha! X