Blogger/Vloggers I'm Loving #3

I have found some amazing new bloggers this month, the girls have been on the blogging scene for some time, and how I have not found them before is beyond me, they all have a new reader in me.

The Girl in the Bowler Hat

A lot of her images include a fedora, not just one but a few in different shades, so I'm already a fan. Her style is very 60s which is lovely, I love how different eras really inspire others through their lifestyle and the way they dress. I wish I was brave enough to dress to a particular era that has inspired me, I'm far too boring to actually be inspired by one. 

What She Did 

 Bethany is the creator of what she did and recently she has been putting together a series of 100 days 100 looks just by using her Elf Cosmetics Marble Eyeshadow Palette. Sometimes with a palette there can be a lot of shades that you don't tend to use and some are a lot more loved than others, my eyes have now been opened to experimenting with the colours that I am not overly keen on. 

Media Marmalade

This has to be my favourite blog this month, not just down to her amazing outfits but to every detail about her blog. The images are so crisp and inspiring, even though she chooses fairly plain backgrounds and blurs them out, they create quite a huge stage for her outfits to stand out. So effortless but amazing! Go check her out.

The Little Magpie 

I love Amy's style, whatever she is wearing looks great whether she has gone for more a casual look or a little fancy. But also she hasn't gone for the typical blog style which I like, when I first started blogging I felt that it wouldn't be excepted if it didn't look similar to all the blogs in the industry. The main gadgets are down the left rather than the right and also her images are a mixture of portrait and landscape which makes it more interesting. 

Please go check out these blogs I am sure that you will love them and feel inspired, let me know if you have any new bloggers for me to check out. 


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