Bloggers/Vloggers I'm Loving #2

This probably has to be one of my favourite blog posts I ever actually do, I absolutely love finding new bloggers, whether they have been around for years or just a few days, but sharing that with all my fellow bloggers and readers is what is important to me. Blogging is a small community, a family and friends who are happy to help one another and inspire each other to keep going and making something enjoyable for others to read.

The Sammi Maria Show
Ok so I have major hair envy here, Samantha has gorgeous bouncy curly hair and I mean a lot of it, why can't I have a head full of thick hair *sad face*. A regular youtuber/vlogger Samantha is regularly vlogging with her daily trips out or amazing holidays, you should check out her channel for sure.

Lauren Curtis
I've been watching videos from Lauren for quite a few months now, her channel is full of make up tutorials, beauty reviews, get ready with me and what I like the most is that some of her videos she just chats like she would be on a regular occasion with her friends. It makes her channel very friendly, inviting and just fun to watch.

Ms Rosie Bea
Rosie has both a blog and YouTube channel, also another person to be hair envy over! Anyway moving on, she posts all about new beauty products she has picked up or the latest fashion picks. You know that everything she says is her honest opinion which is what I prefer to see, I'm not overly keen on bloggers who constantly review products that brands have sent them, not something they have wanted for ages and bought themselves. I'm not against helping a brand out but sometimes you need to be true to yourself and Rosie is a true reflection to this.

My Pale Skin
Em Ford is the one behind My Pale Skin blog and has recently set up her own YouTube channel which you should check out, she is a natural at it. I'm a huge fan of Em as you can tell by her blog, her posts are frequently based around beauty products suited for pale skin. I, myself have very pale skin which saddens me and a lot of the time I struggle to find the perfect product which doesn't go orange or pink once applied.

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