Being a Festival Newby

Okay so let me start with a confession, this was not the outfit I initially intended to wear for the festival which put a huge dampener on my morning, silly when you have such an amazing day ahead of you I know. I planned my outfit for V Festival a couple of weeks in advance (please say I'm not the only one to do this) it was key to be organised and had everything washed and packed ready to head to my boyfriends the day before. Well my black shorts (shorts are pretty much what every girl wears to a festival) needed washing and it was only the night before I decided to do this and yeah you can see where this is heading... I left them on the radiator!!

After a few hours being a grump my mood suddenly changed when we were walking through the fields to the venue, and well what an incredible day it was. I'd still class myself as a newbie when it comes to Festivals as I've only ever been to Leeds Fest a few years ago and I'm still getting my head around wearing wellies as a fashion item, walking around in a field getting chilly and buying ridiculously overpriced food. But I'm willing to overlook this and actually move out of my comfort zone and have some fun.

The best thing about festivals is discovering new artists and listening to those you wouldn't expect to actually like. Neon Jungle and Jess Glynne are those that I have heard on the radio but wasn't sure what to make of them until I heard them live, all I can say is you seriously need to check them out, their voices are amazing so powerful. James Bay was performing on the Future Stars stage, I heard about him the other day on the radio and from just the one song I had to hear more, he is very much like Ben Howard but with a band behind him. He is the next big thing!! And, well.... Tinie Tempah, he rocked that stage, he's probably one of my all time favourite artists, I just love him, I literally could not stop jumping and dancing around when he was perfoming, definitely the act of my day.

Did you go V Festival, I'd love to hear who your favourite was?


  1. I plan my festival outfits so far in advance it's ridiculous! Always have to be prepared though ;) You look lovely here. Hope you had an amazing time
    Alice xo

    1. It just makes life so much easier, I also changed my mind so many times too. Thank you xxx

  2. Gotta love a bit of Tinie Tempah at a festival! Which V Festival did you go to?

    Amy at Amy & More