Blogger/Vloggers I'm Loving #3

I have found some amazing new bloggers this month, the girls have been on the blogging scene for some time, and how I have not found them before is beyond me, they all have a new reader in me.

The Girl in the Bowler Hat

A lot of her images include a fedora, not just one but a few in different shades, so I'm already a fan. Her style is very 60s which is lovely, I love how different eras really inspire others through their lifestyle and the way they dress. I wish I was brave enough to dress to a particular era that has inspired me, I'm far too boring to actually be inspired by one. 

What She Did 

 Bethany is the creator of what she did and recently she has been putting together a series of 100 days 100 looks just by using her Elf Cosmetics Marble Eyeshadow Palette. Sometimes with a palette there can be a lot of shades that you don't tend to use and some are a lot more loved than others, my eyes have now been opened to experimenting with the colours that I am not overly keen on. 

Media Marmalade

This has to be my favourite blog this month, not just down to her amazing outfits but to every detail about her blog. The images are so crisp and inspiring, even though she chooses fairly plain backgrounds and blurs them out, they create quite a huge stage for her outfits to stand out. So effortless but amazing! Go check her out.

The Little Magpie 

I love Amy's style, whatever she is wearing looks great whether she has gone for more a casual look or a little fancy. But also she hasn't gone for the typical blog style which I like, when I first started blogging I felt that it wouldn't be excepted if it didn't look similar to all the blogs in the industry. The main gadgets are down the left rather than the right and also her images are a mixture of portrait and landscape which makes it more interesting. 

Please go check out these blogs I am sure that you will love them and feel inspired, let me know if you have any new bloggers for me to check out. 


Rimmel Foundation with added Serum

In bodycare at the moment they are selling a few Rimmel products; 'Lasting Finish Foundation', 'Match Perfection Foundation', 'Stay Matte Powder' and a range of nail polishes, which are all quite a bit cheaper than normal. 

I'm not a fan of the Lasting Finish Foundation, it seemed to make my face look quite shiny and the rest of my products were sliding off, I ended up just throwing it away after a few uses, there was no way I would be trying it out again. However a few of these bottles had a slight different design on the label which definitely interested me, there is a comfort serum added to the formula and it suggests that it should last 25 hours.

The consistency is much thicker than the original which I put down to the serum, this makes it much longer to thoroughly blend into the skin and to find the perfect brush to use, for me its a stippling brush. The end result is more matte compared to the shiny, dewy look the other created but I really like this as it is more suited to my skin type.

Top tip if going to try it out, do a tester as I found the shade I would normally pick was a tad too dark for me and I had to buy a shade lighter. Since picking it up it is all I have been wearing, I really like it and it will be a re purchase when it runs out. 

University Tips & Tricks #2

I hope that the excitement/shock of getting into University has finally sunk in and your looking forward to going and for most of you moving out.


The most important step you need to do as soon as possible is contact the uni's accommodation office or the landlord to see what has been supplied for you and what equipment and items you have to take with you. Most places will have a bed, desk, desk chair, wardrobe, lamp, mirror and drawers already in the room. Some may put together a pack which includes a duvet and pillows but I would personally recommend that you take your own as I'd hate to think they have previously been used and just washed over the summer to freshen them up.


I'd recommend that you should take out some insurance for your room, I'm not saying that halls of residence is a place of thieves but it is always better safe than sorry, its not fun when you might have to pay out for a new phone, laptop or just some cash that has been taken. Double check your uni don't have insurance for your room first. 

A lot of students will think they cannot be bothered in paying out for a tv license but if your going to watch TV live then you are braking the law. If you are living in a house you will probably only need one, so share the cost between everyone to make it much cheaper.


Extension Leads - I only had two plug sockets in my room 
Ethernet cable - this is if there is no wifi or if the wifi decides to not work 
Duvet, Pillows 
Arial for you television 
Pans for cooking - 2 to 3 at the most 
Frying Pan / Wok 
Utensils, Cutlery, Plates, Dishes, Mugs, Glasses (shot and wine glasses!!)
Laundry Bag 

There are all the items you should double check with the accommodation office before you go out and buy them (they wont provide wine or shot glasses unfortunately). Toasters and kettles should usually be provided for you in the communal areas along with an iron and ironing board.


This is an exciting time, I was such a giddy person going out and buying all of there items and being able to choose the ones you liked rather than being made to have some horrible designs. I found that the cheapest places to pick everything up was Supermarkets with great homewears sections, Matalan, Ikea and Wilkinsons.


If you are wanting to take your own mini fridge, double check that they are allowed, at some places they are banned on fears of them leaking or tripping the electricals.

Sharing a house? Get in touch with your housemates and come up with a plan if you are to share pots and pans and who is going to buy what. It will be a little embarrassing if you end up with five kettles or toasters on the work top.

Good luck on your shopping spree!!

Vo5 Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion

When it comes to hair products with anything remotely advertising big hair I am immediately drawn in and have to try them out, it also helps when there is an offer on too. 

I already have a few Vo5 products from the 'plump it up' range and I quite like them they seem to do the trick as my hair is not as flat as normal and they are very reasonably priced. This Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion must be new as I have not seen it on the shelves before and thought I would put it to the test. It is meant to add volume and thickness, calms the frizz and them few static strands and I have to say that it does actually work, although I feel it works much better when you take time to blow dry your hair for a better result, it still has an affect if your dry your hair upside down too. I also noticed that my hair felt much thicker on day 2 when I normally find it being a bit lacklustre.

The bonus is it also acts as a heat defence spray too, this makes me so much happier as I don't have to go out and buy two separate products, I might as well get one which does two jobs and save money. 

Have you used anything from the 'plump it up' range at Vo5? 

Living on the Edge

Shirt: h&m, Dress: Primark, Jacket: Miss Selfridge, Boots: New Look

This past couple of weeks since the weather has got that bit cooler I have been loving wearing my plaid shirts, they are just so cosy and comfortable. I might have to stock up on a few more in numerous colours as I feel like I will be living in them come autumn/winter.

Bronzer Versatility

As I don't have a vast make up collection I like to try and see how my products can be versatile, plus it saves the money too especially if you are a student. Stains are perfect to create numerous looks as they can be used on lips, cheeks and even eyes, but one product which you will use two or three different ways on a day to day basis without realising is a Bronzer. 

Bronzers are such great all round products, you can either apply it across the whole face and down the neck for a more tanned/sunkissed look, contouring or even a light sweep on the eyelids, you name it, it will most likely work. 

But something then crossed my mind, could this be a product which can also fill in my eyebrows? A lot of people reach for a brown eye shadow rather than a pencil, liquid or gel so a matte bronzer should work right?! Well yeah, it actually does. I tested it out with my go to bronzer; Benefit Hoola and absolutely loved it. 

Hoola is a very light shade, you could say it almost looks a bit grubby as there is no peachy pink undertones (I could be the only one who thought that before testing it) but once applied it almost reflects the tone of your skin and then adds some warmth. When it came to my brows, being a soft and powdery consistency the bronzer added a base coat just under the brows for the more natural look rather than having a strong definition, I did have to build it up slightly having brunette brows but it blended in perfectly.

I would love to hear if you have used Hoola or any other bronzer on filling in your brows? 

University Tips & Tricks

Congratulations to everyone who got their grades and into University last week, it's a fantastic achievement and you are going to have an amazing experience. If you didn't get the marks you were hoping for please don't worry, it is not the end of the world or following your dreams, there are so many paths to take whether it is choosing your second or third choice or building up work experience and working your way up the ladder that way. If you are still unsure what is happening contact UCAS the people on the phones are there to help and give you a lot of advice.

I have just completed my time at University, so I am extremely jealous of you all starting your next chapter, can I just rewind to being a fresher please?! I thought that I would put together a little series of posts all focusing on preparation before you finally move out. Obviously some of you will be living at home so why not persuade your parents to re decorate your room, create a fresh start.

Now you are aware of which uni you will be going to it's time to see who you will be joining. The university should have it's own Facebook page, probably done through the Students Union. Here they will have links to societies, halls or residents and possibly your chosen subject, this gives you the opportunity to get to know one another, although I am going to say please be careful, don't give out numbers or addresses etc. as you still don't know who anyone is yet (I know that you're not stupid but I just have to include this off my own back).

This is also the time that you will gain more information for Freshers Week, what events there will be, who could be performing (that's the exciting part) and prices, this is the whole reason you are going to uni right?

I hope that this little introduction was helpful, in the next posts I will discuss the main necessities you may need to pack. Once again well done!!!

Necklace Hoarder

It has become fairly obvious that I may be slightly obsessed with necklaces, I'm not entirely sure why as I don't tend to wear them on a regular occurrence. I guess I should put this down to pure laziness, having to go and choose out of them all to which will match my outfit and trying to get them without dropping a few on the floor. Also most of the time I prefer a more relaxed look so I always tell myself what is the point in wearing one. 

I absolutely love statement necklaces whether it is the cute quirky owl and pineapple ones or the heavy chunky chain or neon with gold triangles. 

Most of them I've just picked up from Primark every so often or a few are from the sales from other high street stores, I'm not one for splashing out but I guess there's time for that. 

I'd love to hear if anyone else out there loves a necklace and has a huge stack of them?

Bowler Hat

Hat: H&M, Top: G21 Asda, Skirt: River Island, Cardigan: Topshop, Shoes: Next 

 Last week I decided that it was time to organise my clothes as I'm now finding it very tricky to fit everything into my drawers and wardrobe. It's so difficult to part ways with items, even though I've not worn them in ages I always think I might wear them soon (it never happens).

I also came across to the conclusion that I hardly ever wear anything I own so it was time that I start to make more of an effort in how I dress on a day to day basis. So what if I'm sat in doors all day I can dress up to feel good, so lets see if I actually manage to stick to my challenge. 

YouTube Beginner

I've filmed my first ever make up tutorial, wooohoo!! It was a little bit scary at first as I am not a beautician or make up artist at all and half the time it really is not neat at all. A couple of things I would like to mention is that I am learning as I go along, it's only my fifth video so things are not perfect yet and probably never will be. My equipment is still very basic, I am relying on natural lighting which is not the best in England even in Summer plus I filmed this video on my macbook so apologies for some of the products looking all weird, they are just mirrored. I am playing around with everything and hopefully my camera will be in full use and a more paler background so it is much clearer for you all.

I hope that you still enjoy this video as much as I did making it, give it a thumbs up if so and please subscribe to my channel for more in the future :)

Being a Festival Newby

Okay so let me start with a confession, this was not the outfit I initially intended to wear for the festival which put a huge dampener on my morning, silly when you have such an amazing day ahead of you I know. I planned my outfit for V Festival a couple of weeks in advance (please say I'm not the only one to do this) it was key to be organised and had everything washed and packed ready to head to my boyfriends the day before. Well my black shorts (shorts are pretty much what every girl wears to a festival) needed washing and it was only the night before I decided to do this and yeah you can see where this is heading... I left them on the radiator!!

After a few hours being a grump my mood suddenly changed when we were walking through the fields to the venue, and well what an incredible day it was. I'd still class myself as a newbie when it comes to Festivals as I've only ever been to Leeds Fest a few years ago and I'm still getting my head around wearing wellies as a fashion item, walking around in a field getting chilly and buying ridiculously overpriced food. But I'm willing to overlook this and actually move out of my comfort zone and have some fun.

The best thing about festivals is discovering new artists and listening to those you wouldn't expect to actually like. Neon Jungle and Jess Glynne are those that I have heard on the radio but wasn't sure what to make of them until I heard them live, all I can say is you seriously need to check them out, their voices are amazing so powerful. James Bay was performing on the Future Stars stage, I heard about him the other day on the radio and from just the one song I had to hear more, he is very much like Ben Howard but with a band behind him. He is the next big thing!! And, well.... Tinie Tempah, he rocked that stage, he's probably one of my all time favourite artists, I just love him, I literally could not stop jumping and dancing around when he was perfoming, definitely the act of my day.

Did you go V Festival, I'd love to hear who your favourite was?

Homewear Wishlist

At the moment I seem to be really obsessed with homewear stuff, I have no idea why at all but the thought of redecorating a whole house or flat to exactly how you want it seems extremely exciting and an opportunity not to be missed. Every shop you go into there always seems something to make your room look a little more prettier and don't even get me started on cups, they are just so cute and simple and pretty..... Lets face it when I eventually get my own place it will be filled to the brim with wooden hearts, Cath Kidston mugs, picture frames and whatever else I can find to make it look quirky. 

But for the time being this is something that I have to wait for, so I decided to occupy myself with re decorating my bedroom- YAY!! I absolutely love scanning Pinterest for different ideas which probably isn't the best idea in terms of my bank account, plus different blogs is also a cool way of getting ideas too. A lot of bloggers seem to have gone for the white theme, don't get me wrong this creates a perfect background for taking your images but I feel that I would get extremely bored very quick, although I will be taming the bright pink walls.

So I thought whats not a better way than creating a homewear wishlist, pretty much most of these items are way out of my reach, as I cannot afford new furniture or even have space to add more but a girl can always dream... 

Top 3 Holiday Accessories

I'm the type of girl that has to carry everything but the kitchen sink no matter where I go, if its shopping, a day out or even to the gym I cannot be dealing with carrying around a small bag. When I went away camping it was key that only a few items could follow me all the way to Newquay and it was the hardest thing ever, especially swapping and leaving items from my mahoosive handbag to the tiniest little satchel you could possibly think of.
I have to say it was the best thing, all I needed was my phone which was pretty much turned off, my small camera and purse, plus I was spending most of the time swimming around in the sea and walking up massive hills so I did not need anything dragging me down.

In terms of footwear I pretty much stuck to sandals the whole trip, it was either my sliders from Aldi or my cheap flip flops I picked up when away. Both these pairs of shoes went with all of my outfits and super comfy when walking miles and miles every day plus I needed easy bare foot access for the beach.

The final key accessory to my week away was my sunglasses!! You know me, I cannot leave the house without a pair on me or in my bag even if it is raining. The ones I chose to take were my big round brown ones from Primark, once again they matched every outfit and well they are just my favourites at the moment. However you must remember to take them off when sunbathing or you will get tan lines where they were and you may look a little silly... errrhemmm: me!!

I hope that this gave you a little help or idea if your heading away this month and don't know what to use or pack. The less the better as you are there for the sun, sea or pool.