The Photo Journal : Marmalade on the Corner

A cute little coffee shop has recently opened up in my town, it's so cute and is situated in the most perfect grand building with glass walls from floor to ceiling, it is so perfect I had to share it with you all. Inside the furniture are all oddments which have been bought at auction, charity shops and from people who did not want anymore, the odd chair has been painted a different colour to give off the vintage and quirky vibe.

It works perfectly, and is the perfect place to sit, relax and get some inspiration, it has given me loads of ideas of how to decorate my own place (that's when I eventually have a job and find one). On big dressing tables, desks and crates of old fashioned wooden boxes are lots of cute gifts, from small metal hearts, to glass jars turned into vases to Annie Sloane chalk paint (keep your eyes peeled for my DIY post tomorrow for more information).

I am going to venture back to this little coffee shop again as they had amazing homemade cakes on show, plus they do Afternoon Tea!!

I hope that you enjoyed this post, I just wanted to share how amazing this place really is with you all :)


  1. Oh this looks like such a cute place! Do you think it'll be your regular? :) I much prefer independent coffee shops, they always seem much friendlier and unique. If you ever go to Bournemouth Freidas Tea Room and Coffee #1 are lovely independent ones! And Coffee Batch in Brighton is lovely :)

    Love the blog Alice! :)

    Hazel Jane x

  2. Aww thank you :) Yes I definitely will see myself going back more it was lovely, calm and inspirational too xxx